Can you ensure reliability while modernizing the grid?

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Protect your assets with Siemens digital relays and automation solutions

Extreme weather conditions are hammering our electrical grid with more frequency and intensity today. While the pressure to modernize is imperative, the need to protect new and legacy assets can be a challenge, especially during a transition. How do you ensure reliability today and tomorrow? With Siemens digital protection relays and smart automation solutions. We will help you take important steps in transitioning to a digital energy world that is more reliable, sustainable and economically viable.

Driving the digital future

Digitalize substations with modular, flexible technology

Digital substations are key to transforming the electrical grid. Siemens lays the groundwork for these future-focused substations with our digital SIPROTEC protection relays and intelligent SICAM automation products that help digitalize the grid. These solutions are modular and flexible, making it easy to meet any network operator, electricity supplier or industrial enterprise need.

Technology for flawless operation

Maintain uptime with leading intelligent, digital, automated products

Experience improved energy reliability today and tomorrow with our intelligent protection relays and automation products. Together, they maintain system uptime and help make your grid more cybersecure. SIPROTEC protection relays have been fully digital for more than 20 years, eliminating waste and reducing the cost of engineering and copper wiring by as much as 50 to 75%. Best-in-class SICAM automation products lead to a grid that is responsive and resilient.


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