PSS® power system simulation and modeling software

Power system simulation and modeling software

Smart tools for smarter grids – mastering the challenges of changing energy systems

The utility industry is undergoing a transformation, and utilities need to adapt their business processes and tools in order to continue to achieve their objectives in a sustainable way. Power system planners and operators require powerful, flexible and intuitive software tools to support their daily grid simulation and analysis work.   To compete in this dynamic environment and position yourself as a utility of the future, you need the right partner and the right tools.

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Trends and topics

The energy transformation calls for powerful and user-friendly tools

With the depth and breadth of the Siemens PTI PSS® portfolio, we provide customers both “all-in-one” as well as highly specialized tools. It’s not just your toolbox – it’s your entire workbench.
Software portfolio

PSS® portfolio

The Power System Simulator (PSS®) product portfolio provides a full set of integrated and specialized applications for simulating, analyzing, and modeling transmission, distribution, and industrial power systems as well as gas, water, heating, and cooling infrastructures. Easily integrated into any existing IT environment, our powerful and user-friendly tools feature an intuitive graphical user interface, customizable visualization options, automation capabilities, and efficient data management. Data exchange with other systems – for example, EMS, DMS, AMS, GIS, and other planning tools – is provided through industry standards such as CIM and other native interfaces.

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Providing valuable solutions around the world

Greater efficiency, improved reliability, better transparency – customers in over 140 countries benefit from our power system simulation, analysis, and modeling software solutions.    

Customers use the PSS® portfolio to plan and analyze infrastructure, facilitating over

0 %

of the world's energy consumption

That's 16,000 TWh each year. With the PSS® Portfolio, we enable our customers to keep the lights on.

Our PSS® portfolio is used to simulate

0 km

of high-voltage transmission

lines every year

That's enough to circle the earth 64 times, or reach the moon 11 times.


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Whether you require a solution for system analysis or planning, safety and security calculations or power quality evaluations, strategic planning issues or data handling tasks: there is a Siemens PSS® solution right for you.

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