The key to decode the future of energy

Uncovering the untapped potential of the medium and low voltage grid through situational awareness.

<de>coding the future of energy

Designed to accelerate the energy transition of grids by adding mission-critical capabilities, Siemens Grid Software helps grid operators decode and shape the future of their power landscape. Our products are part of the Siemens Xcelerator for grids portfolio, supporting the digital transformation of power utilites.

Grid Software Whitepaper

Get moving towards the future of energy

Humankind is at a turning point. If we are to avert or at least mitigate climate change, swift actions are needed at an unprecedented scale. Furthermore, in the light of political instability, a reliable energy supply independent from volatile prices and without controversial origins has become a matter of national security. Together, these factors require further decarbonization in nearly all sectors of our society.

Executive Summary

Pressures on the energy system will further increase due to demand for decarbonization, rising electricity consumption, DER growth, new market regulations and an outdated grid.


The distribution grids will be the key to a successful energy transition, as they will handle a large part of DER integration for a secure, reliable, affordable, and sustainable supply.


More transparency at the lower end of the grid is necessary to make grid operators as fast, flexible, and agile as needed to cope with the complexity and unpredictability.


Software is key to achieving this. It can be deployed faster than infrastructure expansions and utilizes the existing hardware more efficiently.