Low Amp Busway

Sentron Busway

Cost-effective low amp power distribution

Low amperage, XJ-L HD Busway, is the optimal choice for both contractors and users concerned with designing superior electrical systems that require a high plug density and optimal space utilization. The compact design is ideal for limited working areas in computer manufacturing, laboratory or test facilities, schools, hospitals, data centers, and machine shops.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Compact Size: Small cross section for applications where busway routing is constrained
  • Joint Connection: Dual spring clamp assemblies ensure reliable, maintenance-free joints
  • Safety: Plug-in outlets are IP2X finger safe (optional XOC outlet covers increase system to IP40)
  • Reliability: Fundamental design has a 60 year history of reliability
  • Service: Simple snap together installation, maintenance free joints, factory stock of critical components and large distribution inventory of bus plugs ensure quick and easy serviceability
  • Fittings: Elbow, tee, crosses, flanged end, and tap boxes are offered in standard and custom configurations
  • Compatibility: The full range of XJ-L HD bus plugs are interchangeable between 100A, 225A, and 400A busway

Lightweight and portable, plugs can be installed or relocated as required without de-energizing the busway

Bus plugs for XJ-L HD Busway are available from 15A to 200A, with molded case circuit breakers or Vacu-Break fusible switches. All XJ-L HD bus plugs are fully interchangeable with all XJ-L HD Busway configurations.

Pre-engineered plug-in opening locations ensure no interference for greater density and maximum flexibility. This is especially important in high tech areas requiring frequent movement of equipment.

A wide variety of NEMA and IEC receptacles or cord connections are available for the XPM. Integral current monitoring and surge protection are available upon request.

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