Sentron Busway Systems

Sentron Busway Systems

Busway solution for an industrial plant, hospital, shopping mall, or high-tech environment

Siemens Sentron Busway is engineered to ensure the safe and efficient distribution of power in industrial, commercial and institutional environments worldwide. Thanks to an innovative design, you benefit from labor-saving installation and a flexible, compact bus system that is an ideal fit for most applications..

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Features & Benefits:

Bus runs may easily be expanded as application footprint and layout change, and individual tap off locations may easily be moved to accommodate end user needs. Relative to cable and conduit, that busway can save 20-30% on total installed costs. Additionally, compared to cable and conduit, busway consumes about 75% less space than an equivalent cabled solution.

Other features:

Plating: Unique tin plating provides excellent conductivity and resists outside

Conductors: Compact construction of the Sentron busway conductors allow for a flexibility of configurations

Housing: Distributed heat away from the conductors and provides an excellent ground path

Insulation: Inline filter process and magnetic separator helps to eliminate contaminants common to fluidized bed systems

Ground: Optional isolated ground is especially useful in applications where a clean ground is needed

Joint stack: Joint stacks feature a single bolt design and a special, torque indicating, double headed break-off bolt

Sentron bus plugs can be configured for horizontal or vertical applications

  • Features include highly visible position indicator, dual stab busway interlocks, dual cover interlocks and bolt-on mounting (possible configurations include corded receptacle, surface mount receptacle, or field wireable
  • Fusible bus plug are available in 30, 60, 100, 200, 400 and 600 amp ratings
  • Circuit breaker bus plug available in frame sizes from 125 amps to 800 amps with interrupting ratings of standard, high or current limiting
  • 3-6 Bus Plug is available in 3 or 6 circuit power distribution with up to 100 amps per pole
  • Fusible SPD bus plug:
  • Utilizes thermally protected MOVs specifically designed for safe operation in high fault current or sustained overvoltage conditions
  • Indicator lights for each phase provide indication of loss of protection and phase loss protection
  • Direct bus, integral design reduces circuit impedance resulting in the lowest possible let-through voltages

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