SEM3 Branch Circuit Meters & Accessories

SEM3 Branch Circuit Meters & Accessories

Efficient modular metering solution for energy monitoring, data analysis, and sub-billing applications

Suitable for your multi-family, commercial, and industrial applications, Siemens Embedded Micro Metering Module (SEM3) is designed to measure the current, voltage, energy usage, and many additional parameters in an integrated panelboard, switchboard, PDU, RPP, and bus plug products. SEM3 is pre-engineered to retrofit applications as well. Approved by New York City PSC & California CDFA for sub billing application. Certified by third party NRTL (Nationally Recognized Test Lab) for ANSI C12.20 standards.

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Features & Benefits

The SEM3 series delivers accurate power information within a power distribution system with minimal space requirements. Fully programmable system also contains configurable alarms allowing you to better monitor loads and energy usage. This revolutionary design results in reduced total cost of ownership, real-time metering data and a reduced footprint.


The modular design of the SEM3 Series allows for customization to suit large or small metering needs. The simple, snap in standard or high accuracy meter modules facilitate easy maintenance and are adaptable to Siemens panelboards and all front connected switchboards, eliminating the need for large metering stations.

User advantages

Ideal sub-metering package for electrical contractors and installers


The installation of the SEM3 product is no different than installing any other Siemens panelboard or switchboard. With the integrated design of the SEM3, the Siemens electrical equipment will come pre-installed and internally wired with all the metering components required for field installation, saving days and weeks onsite.


The installation of Siemens SEM3 Metered panelboards and switchboards has reduced installation time and risk for the installer. With the SEM3 already installed in the Siemens equipment, you simply pull and terminate the power cabling as you would a non-metered panel or switchboard.

Better manage your electrical costs


The simple integration within Siemens panels and switchboards of the SEM3 metering system allows end users to maximize usable and billable square footage while minimizing total cost of ownership. Installation costs are less and time to occupancy is quicker when implementing SEM3 over traditional separate metering enclosures. The standard built-in web based tools within SEM3 allow you to easily and quickly see energy usage data, check loading on a particular circuit, or make changes to your metering as your facility grows.

Compact size and capabilities of the SEM3 metering system


SEM3 is a full featured metering package that fits into Siemens panelboards and switchboards allowing for the elimination of separate metering systems in your design. With the SEM3 specified in your equipment, you receive a completely pre-engineered and tested metering system installed by the factory with components designed and manufactured to work together seamlessly.

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