SEM3T Thermal Monitoring

Coming to the market this fall!                           

  Real-time, continuous, modular thermal monitoring with OSHA compliant safety features, UL & CE certified, no maintenance, easy installation & access, connected, and user-configurable for your most demanding applications. Suitable for commercial and industrial applications, SEM3T is a reliable and easily installed thermal monitoring solution which can monitor numerous locations within low voltage apparatus including bus joints, lug landings, bus ducts, transformers and circuit breakers. SEM3T sensors can be positioned appropriately to detect ambient temperature, as well as overloaded or poorly conducting electrical connections. Benefiting owners, engineers, and contractors. SEM3T system provides a connected, continuous, and safe (no physical inspection) solution to thermal monitoring designed to save time and money.

Features & Benefits

  • Safety: No physical inspection or calibration required, UL certified product
  • Continuity: 24x7 monitoring with custom thermal set points set-up with options for a dynamic alarm and email notifications 
  • Integration: custom integration into power panels, switchboards, and switchgear
  • Connectivity: IoT enabled device, local based/cloud monitoring, events and data logging
  • Holistic monitoring: SEM3T was designed with safety in mind. SEM3T can help you pinpoint problem areas and get early alerts from thermal issues. SEM3T provides a more robust thermal measurement system as compared to IR scan that cannot clearly see obscured connections. 

User advantages

For many years, scheduled infrared thermography (IR) inspections have been the accepted method for reducing risk of fire by identifying faulty or loose connections in electrical distribution systems. SEM3T is a system specifically designed to provide continuous thermal monitoring. It offers a safer, more effective way to detect thermal risks before they progress into a major failure. 

The method also delivers up to a 10:1 return on investment due to avoided equipment damage and downtime.

Continuous Thermal Monitoring is now enabling safer, more efficient inspection of energized electrical equipment, ensuring electrical asset integrity. This becomes apparent when looking at the technology comparison of SEM3T to IR windows and thermal imaging.

SEM3T application is compact and easily implemented into Siemens low voltage switchgear, switchboards, and powerpanels. With this thermal monitoring system added to your equipment, you receive 24/7 live monitoring of your electrical equipment. Insurance companies can offer reduced rates for their insurance policy premium.

SEM3T thermal system provides an ideal electrical equipment monitoring system for contractors and installers. The installation of SEM3T when combined with other Siemens equipment is simple, saving time during installation. The device will come pre-installed with no separate enclosures to mount – simply add the temperature sensors to the areas of interest and attach the sensor depending on the configuration.

SEM3T application is compact and easily integrated into Siemens low voltage switchgear, switchboards, and powerpanels. With this thermal monitoring system added to your equipment, you receive live monitoring of your selected components with a reliable wired solution ready to withstand harsh plant environments. Installation of SEM3T is simple and no further calibration is needed. 

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