Legacy Products

Legacy Products

Support for obsolete product lines and solutions

Many older generation products offered by Siemens have been obsoleted, yet are still in use in the field. Siemens offers archived information for these product lines.

Legacy Power Meters

The following power meters are obsolete and no longer available:


  • 9200 Power Meter

The 9200 Basic Meter delivers the basics of power metering at a price to performance ratio unmatched in the industry. 9200 Power Meter - Brochure


  • 9300 Power Meter

The 9330 provides more than 200 high accuracy 3- phase measurements, data logging, I/O and control, and multiport communications all in a compact and reliable panel-mounted meter. 9300 Power Meter - Brochure


  • 9350 Power Meter

The 9350 Advanced Power Meter with web server technology packs power quality in a convenient cost effective package. 9350 Power Meter - Brochure


  • 9500 Power Meter

The 9500 Power Meter comes equipped to monitor facility power usage and quality. 9500 Power Meter - Brochure


  • 9600 Power Meter

The 9600 Power Quality Meter with web server technology delivers the industry's best pre-configured power quality measurements. 9600 Power Meter - Brochure


  • 9700 Power Meter

 The 9700 power meter provides more 3-phase power monitoring, analysis and control capabilities than any other panel-mounted, multi-function instrument available. 9700 Power Meter - Brochure


  • 4720 Power Meter

The 4720 power meter is an intelligent microprocessor-based, digital three-phase power meter designed for use in industrial and commercial applications where high accuracy and ruggedness are essential. 4720 Power Meter - Brochure


  • 4700 Power Meter

The 4700 power meter is an intelligent microprocessor-based, digital power meter designed for use in industrial and commercial applications where high accuracy and ruggedness are essential. 4700 Power Meter - Brochure


  • 4300 Power Meter

The 4300 Power Meter is an intelligent power meter designed for industrial and commercial applications where high accuracy and ruggedness are essential. 4300 Power Meter - Brochure


Explore the current Siemens power meter offering!

Legacy Busway Systems

Siemens offers you a selection of several different types of legacy busway, giving you the flexibility to choose the right solution for your unique application:

Lighting Control Systems

  • i-3 Control Technology V2

The i-3 V2 is designed to provide a simple, flexible, compact solution for controlling branch lighting circuits remotely via a time schedule or an external signal (i.e. a switch, Building Automation System, etc.). The i-3 V2 reduces energy consumption by providing programmable remote control of our patented SIPODs, which are connected to Siemens BQD frame breakers.

i-3 Control Technology V2 - Selection and Application Guide


  • LCP3000EZ Lighting Control System

The LCP3000EZ Lighting Control System in its basic form consists of ten networkable low voltage relay control panels. Each panel contains microprocessor controlled input or control relay modules, each containing an individual microprocessor.

LPLCP3000EZ Lighting Control System - Selection and Application Guide


Standby power products offer a reliable backup to electric utility power. Available from 8kW to 150kW, standby generators are powerful enough to back your entire home or business without the cost of and expensive configured system.

Standby Power Generators - Selection and Application Guide


  • Air Cooled Standby Generators

Ideal for smaller single family residential constructions, or partial loads on larger residential constructions. These panels can help support critical loads most required when power is interrupted.


  • Liquid Cooled Standby Generators

Ideal for whole house back up for larger home and small businesses, and most commercial applications including small office buildings, churches, retail centers, schools, and restaurants.


  • Portable Standy Generators

Siemens portable generators are designed with user ease in mind. The models come with a recoil starter or electric starter in a variety of sizes. Contained in a steel frame with wheels for easy relocation, these generators are powered by gasoline stored in a provided gas tank. They are great for temporary use for limited back up power, construction site power, or for recreational use (tailgating, camping, etc.). 


Siemens Microinverters are the ideal solution for inverting Solar PV power from direct current (DC) to utility compatible alternating current (AC) in residential and commercial applications. With the system, each solar module is inverted independently, improving overall performance. The system is efficient, simple, scalable, safe and is accompanied by the most advanced monitoring in the solar industry.

Solar Microinverter - Limited 25 Year Warranty

Talon Meter Mounting Equipment

Talon has been the standard for quality and innovation for meter mounting equipment for over half a century. The basic design of our sockets has not changed since inception, making Talon a solid, time-proven design. Talon provides a wide array of meter mounting equipment to meet your market needs.

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