WL Power Circuit Breakers

WL Power Circuit Breakers

Designed for use in your low voltage switchgear and switchboards application

The ever-increasing use of plant and energy management systems has intensified the demand for circuit breakers supporting multiple open protocols to monitor and control the flow of energy in the power system. The extensive and modular WL family of circuit breakers and accessories provides this for applications from 200A to 6000A.

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Features & Benefits:

  • The system solution offers monitoring and control through PROFINET IO, Modbus, Modbus TCP or PROFIBUS communications, supports energy management through advanced metering and quality analysis, and offers complete ratings and accessories – meeting every need with one design.
  • This highly engineered reliable design offers increased operations and the Extended Instantaneous Protection function allowing 100% of the full withstand rating of the frame and still providing the ability of the breaker to be applied up to the maximum interrupting rating. 
  • Safety-related features such as a visible ready-to-close indicator, customizable interlocking, and mechanical trip indication offer peace of mind.
  • Designed to meet standard industrial and commercial application requirements
  • Сompact without sacrificing performance and does not use energy-wasting heat sinks
  • Common guide frames for the draw-out version make the breakers completely interchangeable between the UL 489 and ANSI / UL 1066 rated circuit breakers

This type of the WL low voltage insulated case circuit breakers are generally intended to provide service entrance, feeder, and branch circuit protection in accordance with UL/CSA 489. Standard for safety for molded case circuit breakers, molded case switches, and circuit breaker enclosures. This versatile family of insulated case circuit breakers is acceptable for use within low-voltage switchboards (i.e. UL 891), low-voltage motor control centers (i.e. UL 845), and other types of industrial control equipment (i.e. UL 508 series). Certain options and maintenance capability may be limited in comparison to the UL1066 listed circuit breakers. UL file numbers E231263, E236091, and E236299 apply. UL 489 WL power breakers are available in 3-pole configurations as fixed-mount and drawout frames.

This type of WL low voltage power circuit breakers are generally intended to provide main and feeder circuit protection in accordance with UL1066 standard for safety for low-voltage AC and DC power circuit breakers used in enclosures. Available in 3-pole and 4-pole configurations as fixed-mount and drawout frames. These circuit breakers are constructed in compliance with ANSI/IEEE C37.13, and performance tested in accordance with ANSI C37.50. This versatile family of power circuit breakers is acceptable for use within low voltage switchgear (i.e. ANSI/IEEE C37.20.1, ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7, and UL 1558), low voltage switchboards (i.e. UL 891), low voltage motor control centers (i.e. UL 845), and other types of industrial control equipment (i.e. UL 508 series). Certain options and ratings may be limited in comparison to the UL/CSA 489 listed circuit breakers. UL file numbers E240124, E240232, E240233 and E236299 apply. 


The UL 1066 4-pole breaker family is available for use in switchgear, switchboards and motor control centers. (A UL1066 breaker can be used in UL891 switchboard. A UL489 breaker is not required.) The 4-pole UL 1066 breaker is available in frame sizes 2 &3 and shares the same breaker accessories as the 3-pole breakers. Connectors are optional up to 2000A; rear connectors are standard for 3200A FS2, 4000A, and 5000A FS3 breakers. Neutral protection is available as an option.

  • PROFINET IO, Modbus TCP, Modbus & PROFIBUS Communication
  • Digital and analog I/O option
  • Dual parameter configuration
  • Remote breaker operation
  • Power metering capable
  • Configuration software
  • Zone interlocking
  • Waveform capture & harmonic measurement

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