Residential Dual-Function Circuit Breakers (AFCI & GFCI)

Residential Dual-Function Circuit Breakers (AFCI & GFCI)

What is a dual function circuit breaker? A technology combined in one device.

The dual-function circuit breaker combines class A 5mA GFCI and combination type AFCI, protecting against both arc faults and ground faults. This, along with the new self-test feature, makes it the first in class in electrical safety for homeowners.

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Siemens plug-on electronic breakers - wiring made easier!

The Dual Function plug-on breaker offers Combination Type Arc Fault and 5mA GFCI protection in one device. The new design allows for the same reliable installation method using the neutral clip as the line side clip. The small footprint allows for over 4 inches of wire bending space.


Simple. Spacious. Secure. 

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Features & Benefits:

National Electrical Code (NEC®): requires both Arc Fault and Ground Fault protection on kitchen and laundry circuits. Before the release of Dual Function Circuit Breakers, the only option to comply with this code was to pair an AFCI circuit breaker with a GFCI receptacle.

  • Fast installation: easier to install one device than two
  • Cost savings: lower cost than purchasing both a GFCI and AFCI
  • Smaller device: combines two state-of-the art technologies into one small device
  • Self Test feature as required by UL 943 effective June 2015
  • Autonomously and continuously tests itself for device malfunction
  • Trips the device when protection has been compromised
  • Both lugs at the same angle for easier wiring

A device that tests itself

Testing GFCIs and AFCIs on a monthly basis is a good idea that is sometimes forgotten. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) suggests that AFCI/GFCI devices be tested every 30 days after installation to ensure they are properly working. Now the new Self Test feature enables the Dual Function Circuit Breaker to automatically and continuously test itself to ensure that it is working properly. If it is detected that the device has been compromised, the device trips itself. This effortless system guarantees that only the best protection is given to your home at all times.
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