Residential Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Siemens Residential thermal magnetic circuit breaker

Siemens offers a variety of thermal-magnetic circuit breakers to provide overload and short-circuit protection of a home’s electrical system

Siemens offers one of most comprehensive lines of thermal magnetic circuit breakers. Various products available to support every conceivable application in power distribution systems. Thousands of options including modular designs, molded cases or communication functionality enabling integration in system solutions. 

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Siemens QP breakers provide easy plug-in connections in Siemens enclosures and the time saving Insta-Wire feature. Siemens offers three AIC ratings for these breakers: QP @ 10K AIC, QPH @ 22K AIC, and HQP @ 65 K AIC.

There are 4 available constructions to choose from:

  • 1 Pole 120V
  • 2 Pole 120/240V
  • 2 Pole 240V
  • 3 Pole 240V


  • 400Hz Calibration - add suffix Y
  • Marine 50º C Ambient Calibration - add suffix M
  • Fungus Proofing - add suffix F

There are 3 available constructions to choose from:

  • 1 Pole 120V Duplex

These space saver duplex breakers combine two independent 1/2" breaker poles in a common unit. This unit plugs into one load center stab and requires one panel space. HACR rated.

  • 2 Pole 120/240V Triplex

These space saver triplex breakers provide a 2 pole common trip breaker for 120/240V AC circuits and two single poles for 120V AC circuits. Triplex require two panel spaces. HACR rated.

  • 2 Pole 120/240V Quadple

These space saver quadplex breakers provide two sets of common trip, two-pole breakers for 120/240V AC circuits, and require two panel spaces. HACR rated. 

  • An exclusive side wired design saves wiring space and eliminates difficult "S bends"
  • No need for costly filler plates - QS 225 Amp breaker takes the same space as standard 100 Amp QPs
  • Single right hand bend wiring - saves time and wire
  • Provides 100K AIC flexibility from 100 up to 225 Amps
  • 100K to 10K AIC Series Rating

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