Load Centers for Residential Installations

Residential Load Centers

Load Centers for Residential Installations

Whether you're installing a spa or building a high-rise apartment building, Siemens load centers are designed for power distribution and circuit protection in both residential and commercial applications.  Some may refer to a load center as an electrical panel, a fuse box, or a breaker box. Any way you call it,  Siemens provides a complete offering of single-phase, 3-phase or plug-on neutral load centers - to distribute electrical currents to various circuits within your home. 

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Plug-On Neutral

What is a Plug-On Neutral Load Center? 

Siemens Plug-on Neutral Load Center comes with electronic breakers designed for fast and easy installation. The breaker and load center design, featuring an integrated neutral bus, provides a secure and reliable connection for your indoor or outdoor application using an existing line side clip.  Look no more! A quicker breaker installation with the neutral lug removed on CAFCI breaker is available - for a cleaner set-up with over 4” of wire bending space.  You'll also get a more reliable connection through the neutral clip and a durable hook-rail.

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