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Specialty Load Centers, Structured Wiring, Temporary Power

Whether you're installing a spa or building a high-rise apartment building, Siemens has a load center to meet your power distribution needs

Siemens specialty load centers is the smart choice for contractors when value and quick installation is the highest priority. They offer flexibility for custom jobs and labor-saving features such as the renovation interior kit, mounting trim tabs, riser panels and generator ready load centers. Whether it's an HVAC system, light switch, or power outlets in a house or a high-rise apartment building, Siemens has you covered.

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Features & Benefits:

  • CB enclosures - CB enclosures range from 60A to 250A, indoor and outdoor models, and are suitable for use as service entrance equipment
  • High-amp load centers - available in 1- and 3-phases with variety of amperages and circuit configurations
  • Renovation kit for existing load centers are ideal for the residential renovation market when removing the entire enclosure can be impractical or costly
  • Specific use load centers - trailer panels have built in feed-through lugs that allow for easy sub-feeding
  • Flexible Configurations: 12-70 circuits, 100A to 225A
  • Convertible: All Generator Ready load centers are convertible from main lug to main breaker and vice versa.
  • Save Time: The patented INSTA-WIRE™ neutral/ground system allows for faster installation because screws arrive backed out, ready for wire insertion. The visible neutral and grounds systems also aids in the insertion of conductors.
  • Flexible Configurations: 16-42 circuits, 125A to 200A
  • Convertible: Riser Panel load centers are convertible from Main Lug to Main Breaker.
  • Invertible: Riser Panel load centers are invertible for bottom feed applications.
  • Save Time: The shifted interior allows for conductors to pass through the loadcenter. This saves times by not having to install a secondary gutter.tion.D112
  • Intended for the residential renovation market where removing the entire enclosure of a load center can be impractical or costly.
  • Fits existing 8 or 12 space enclosures and comes with an oversized cover.

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