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Load Centers, Circuit Breakers and Surge Protection - A soup to nuts solution.

No other manufacturer does it like we do! Why go to many suppliers for circuit protection and load centers when we offer one solution. Click any of the icons on the load center below to see the benefits of going with just one supplier for all your needs. Customers should refer to the wiring diagram on their specific load center for compatible accessories and breakers.
Plug-on Neutral Load Center

Get a simple and spacious installation with an integrated plug-on neutral bus for any load center. With a smaller electronic breaker footprint, the plug-on load center gives you over 4 inches of wire bending space, for an easier and faster path to a finished project.

Tandem AFCI

Feed two circuits from one position, offered in both plug-on and pigtail options. These breakers provide flexibility where traditional breakers cannot. You’ll minimize the need for sub-feeding panels reducing both space & installation time. Increase safety with our trusted indicator flags showing when load wires are correctly inserted.

QFGA2 Circuit Breaker & Combination Type AFCI and GFCI

Our AFCI, GFCI, and Dual-Function Breakers allow you to install 1 device rather than 2 - saving space in a load center. This breaker combines class A 5mA GFCI and combination type AFCIs, protecting against both arc and ground faults. This, along with the new self-test feature, makes it the “first in class” breaker for electrical safety.

Thermal magnetic breakers
Thermal Magnetic Breakers

Siemens residential thermal magnetic breakers save space in a load center with easy, plug-in connections and help reduce your wiring time with our INSTA-WIRE ™ feature. Our exclusive side wired design saves wiring space and eliminates those difficult "S bends.” Siemens offering also includes Duplex, Triplex, and Quadplex breakers to make the most out of your panel space.

Residential main breakers
Residential Main Breakers

Siemens main breakers offer ground-breaking performance and do just about anything they’re asked. The Main Breaker Kits (100-225A) come with everything an installer would need to convert main lug load centers to main breaker load centers, including connector straps. The straight-in wire design reduces wire cost and installation time.

Surge protection products
Surge Protection

Don’t lose space in a load center while protecting your whole house! Did you know that for cost and space reasons, many buildings only include one surge protection device (SPD) located at the main incoming load center and do not cascade SPDs throughout the building?  Siemens new BoltShield SPDs do offer cascading – where multiple QSPDs can be stacked in a single load center giving you a vast degree of protection for your entire home. Gain a smaller footprint with BoltShield QSPD – built with a 2-inch-wide plug-on design, you get (2) 1 pole circuits.

siemens ground bar
Ground Bar

All devices are provided with 1 factory installed

ground bar.

                                              Gain Flexibility with INSTA WIRE™

The patented INSTA-WIRE™ neutral/ground system makes installation faster because screws are backed out, ready for wire insertion.

Integrated neutral bus

All Plug-on Neutral Load Centers come with an integrated neutral bus as not all devices come with an integrated neutral bus.

Build, power up and save space in a load center.

When choosing residential electrical products for a new home or renovation project, choose devices that help you save on labor and time. Our residential products meet your needs - a complete residential solution is right at your fingertips!
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