Sm@rtGear™ IE      [Industrial Edge]

Going beyond monitor, configure, and control.

Why it Matters - Sm@rtGear™ IE provides the safety, reliability, connectivity, and flexibility required for today's critical power applications 

The Industrial Edge concept and container-style connectivity brings required functionality today and real-time add-on improvements in the future. Access all your analytical, diagnostic and predictive/prescriptive maintenance needs through the completely redesigned system architecture and operating environment.

Broad Market Segment Implementation

Features and benefits:

Sm@rt Gear IE: Going Beyond Monitor, Configure and Control

Edge or Cloud - Your choice now or in the future

Sm@rtGear™ IE allows you to analyze data at the machine or pre-process it quickly for uploading to cloud or another system. Control and configuration can be exclusively local while monitoring and enhanced analytics, regional performance comparisons, fleet management, and more can be cloud based.

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