Double Throw & Specialty Switches

Double Throw & Speacialty Switches

The industry's most trusted switches

Siemens offers a diversified portfolio of specialty application switches. Like our standard switch offering, these specialty switches are rugged, reliable, and come with a ride range of accessories and spare parts for maximum application flexibility.

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  • Double throw feature
  • Elevator control NEW!
  • 4-pole and 6-pole — selection 4-14
  • Interlocked receptacle — selection 4-15
  • Non-metallic and 316 grade stainless — selection 4-16
  • Enclosed solar PV disconnects

Siemens elevator control switch (ECS) is designed to interrupt incoming AC power upon receiving a signal from a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) for both cable and hydraulic elevators. The ECS comes completely assembled for quick installation, eliminating the labor and time needed to assemble individual components.

Features & Benefits:

  • 30-400 A, 600 Vac, 3-phase fused power switch
  • Shunt trip disconnect
  • NEMA 1, 3R, 4, and 12 enclosures available
  • External means of testing shunt trip via included test key
  • Quick install. Plug-and-play solution, no assembly of components required
  • Mechanically interlocked auxiliary contact for elevators with battery back up

These switches are designed for 600VDC max. photovoltaic systems which must comply with Article 690 of the NEC. Switches are available for use in both negative and positive ground PV systems.


Features & Benefits:

Available in 30-200A ratings in both fusible and non-fusible versions

  • Type 1 and 3R enclosures for either indoor or outdoor applications
  • All switches comply with UL98 requirements and are UL listed in file number E335018 as UL1741 Photovoltaic Disconnect Switches
  • Tested per UL requirements to control three separate 600VDC circuits in a single 3 pole switch
  • Factory installed ground bar supplied as standard
  • Door labeling required by Article 690 of the NEC is supplied as standard
  • Unique enclosure design features a rolled out front flange that prevents cuts and scrapes to conductor insulation and to th installer’s hands 

CFS Switches:

  • 30 - 800A ratings
  • UL Listed under file #E121152 & CSA Certified under file #222227
  • Door mounted rotary handles with defeatable cover interlock
  • Meets UL requirements for both main and branch circuit applications
  • Compact size
  • 100kA with Class CC fuses or up to 200kA with Class J fuses
  • Load break and horsepower rated

VBII Switches:

Siemens Type VBII visible blade disconnect switches meet either UL98 or UL1741 requirements and can be used in either service entrance or branch circuit applications.

  • 30-600A, 600VAC and DC ratings
  • Both fusible and non-fusible switch assemblies are available
  • 240 and 600V AC switches are suitable for both main and branch circuit applications
  • UL Recognized and CSA Certified
  • Visible blade quick-make and break switching action
  • Panel and flange mounted assemblies facilitate installation
  • AC short circuit rating of 10,000 AIC with class H fuse, and of 200,000 AIC with Class R or J fuses

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