Heavy Duty Safety Switches

Siemens heavy duty safety switch

Superior performance and application flexibility

Siemens heavy duty safety switches provide superior performance and application flexibility. They feature quick make and quick break operation and visible blade switching construction for a range of amperages with fusible and non-fusible designs. Siemens offers a wide range of accessories and a unique Siemens feature of 200% neutrals and isolated ground kits.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Wide variety of amperages and configurations available to meet any application.
  • Siemens heavy duty safety switches are available in 30-1200A, 240V and 600V ratings  
  • Type 1, 3R, 12, and 4X enclosures. 
  •  Quick make and quick break operation and visible blade switching construction with fusible and non-fusible designs. 
  •  They can be used on circuits that are rated through 200K when protected by or used with Class R or J fuses. 
  •  Available with a wide range of accessories and a unique Siemens feature of 200% neutrals and isolated ground kits.
  • 800A/1200A Safety Switches have the viewable window to satisfy local building code requirements.  They are available in Fusible and Non-Fusible type 3R,12, and 4X.  More and more requirement for 800/1200A viewable window safety switches come from the local code / utility and applies to facilities with alternate and/ or back up power sources.  Examples are: Solar, Generator, and Battery


Heavy duty Safety Switch

New Enhanced Design for  30A and 60A Heavy Duty Safety  Switches 

You asked and Siemens answered!

Siemens continues the ongoing commitment to providing quality customer centric products.  The new design enhancements for the Heavy-Duty 30-amp and 60-amp Safety Switches have been made with the  installer in mind. Strictly focusing on the customer, we've made these enhancements while keeping the same catalog numbers, internal dimensions, and wire bending space.

The stylistic changes made to the hand grip, flanges, and handle guard reduced the footprint in height and width for installation and operation in tighter places.  For the functional changes,  we updated the mechanism increasing the auxiliary contact functionality and we  "beefed" up the enclosure and hardware with new robust hinges, stiffening ribs and tamper resistant hardware.  These changes to the enclosure and hardware provide easier installation, reduces the chance of unwanted access, and increases future routine serviceability for field service and maintenance.  

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New Heavy-Duty Safety Switch Enhancement Information

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