E-House solutions – the fast-track project approach

E-Houses are customized, pre-assembled, and pre-tested modular power substations. They are ideally suited for use in situations where fast deployment and reduced on-site work are needed, or in locations that are difficult to access. The simple reason is that they are easy to assemble and put into operation. They provide a rapid and flexible power supply, precisely where it’s needed. E-Houses have proven themselves as an alternative to conventional power distribution solutions. They have been installed in large numbers throughout the world in industry and infrastructure, and for network operators.

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Pre-fabricated electrification - 
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E-House VR App 2.0 – Enjoy our comprehensive energy and automation portfolio for your E-House solution

Step into the E-House solution from Siemens and enjoy the comprehensive product portfolio of Smart Infrastructure Distribution Systems (SI DS) in the 360° virtual reality.

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Data Center VR APP - Have you ever seen the prefabricated skid solution for data centers from Siemens? Click and experience a data center with installed power distribution products and solutions from Siemens. 

E-House provides electrical power – to wherever it's needed

Fast, flexible and reliable: E-House is a plug-and-play solution that can be implemented to suit your requirements. Quickly and easily, since E-House is built, set up, and pre-tested at the factory, and then assembled, connected, and put into operation on-site.

Well equipped for your needs: E-House can be perfectly configured and customized

E-House is suited for many different applications and is structured to suit your needs – thanks to the many different configuration options available. Make use of the broad range of components in the Siemens portfolio, like:

  • Medium- and low-voltage switchgear and control,
  • Frequency converters, 
  • Dry transformers, 
  • Busbars, 
  • Battery systems, and 
  • Automation technology. 

To implement your E-House, we also use proven building technology like:

  • Air-conditioning, 
  • Smoke alarms, 
  • Fire-extinguishing systems, and more. 

Typical features and/or offerings for Siemens' E-Houses include:

  • Steel, aluminum, and concrete construction

  • Blast-rated and fire-rated enclosures

  • Single-/multi-story enclosures

  • Unclassified and classified area installations

  • Multi-split E-Houses

  • Support steel piers, stairs, and platforms

  • State Certifications and PE-approved designs within the contiguous United States

  • Fully integrated testing

  • Site advisory services during installation and commissioning of the E-House and associated equipment.

All components are preconfigured and pre-installed in container modules. One warranty for the complete system.

Save time to focus on other things with our single point of contact

You get everything from a single source, saving you the need to deal with multiple contacts. Siemens offers a single point of contact during both the bid phase and the execution phase, simplified procurement process, experienced Project Managers with a PMP, and in some cases PE license, integrated testing of complete system at the E House facility prior to shipment. 

NXPower Monitor


Fire detection, alarming and evacuation
Fire extinguishing and suppression
SINAMICS medium-voltage converters
Energy Automation
Security Solutions
SINAMICS low-voltage converters
NXAIR Family - air insulated medium voltage switchgear



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Related components

tiastar low-voltage motor control centers

Siemens' tiastarTM industrial motor control centers (MCC) combine time-proven designs and components with the latest in technological advances to meet most applications. No matter how customized your needs may be, you can be assured that you are getting a finished product that represents the state-of-the-art in low-voltage motor control technology.

WL low-voltage switchgear

Siemens' low-voltage switchgear is designed, tested, and constructed to provide superior power distribution, power monitoring, and control. Utilized in a range of applications like industrial, institutional, critical power, and commercial, the switchgear solution is created for your world-class operations.

SIMOVAC medium-voltage motor controllers

Siemens' SIMOVACTM medium-voltage non-arc-resistant and SIMOVAC-ARTM arc-resistant controllers have a modular design incorporating up to two 12SVC400 (400 A) controllers, housed in a freestanding sheet steel enclosure. Each controller is UL 347 class E2, equipped with three current-limiting fuses, a non-load-break isolating switch, and a fixed-mounted vacuum contactor (plug-in type optional for 12SVC400). The enclosure is designed for front access, allowing the equipment to be located with the rear of the equipment close to a non-combustible wall.

Medium-voltage switchgear

Be it energy supply corporations, industry or power stations, any owner or user of primary distribution systems for medium voltage places high demands on the switchgear. These include reliable technology, ease of operation, and economy. With our complete range of circuit breaker and switchgear systems for medium-voltage, Siemens sets the standards when it comes to reliable and efficient solutions for special requirements. Types available include arc- or non-arc-resistant, gas-insulated or air-insulated, metal-enclosed or metal-clad, and with voltages ranging from 5 kV up to 42 kV.

GEAFOL cast-resin transformers

Wherever distribution transformers have to assure the utmost safety in areas frequented by people, GEAFOL® cast-resin transformers are the ideal solution. With GEAFOL, the limitations of liquid-filled transformers are avoided, but the proven electrical, mechanical and especially thermal characteristics are retained.

Related services

Factory acceptance testing (FAT)

Siemens' FAT options help assure equipment readiness and can reduce project costs, improve convenience, and enhance health and safety. Siemens offers multiple options for factory acceptance testing of select low- and medium-voltage products tailored to fit your needs.

Power system consulting

When it comes to future-proof power distribution, industrial power supply, power transmission or generation in today’s complex and changing energy environment, sound advice from power system experts is essential. Siemens has a legacy of world renowned engineering experience and innovative software and technologies. Rely on the leading knowledge and global experience of the Siemens PTI power grid consulting experts.

Complete life cycle support for power distribution systems

A healthy power distribution system is central to your success. The best way to keep your system running strong is to have experts service it throughout its entire lifecycle. Starting with installation and commissioning services including turnkey electrical projects, to field services and OEM aftermarket support, our service organization is at the forefront of developing a broad portfolio of innovative and value-added service solutions designed to improve the efficiency, reliability and availability of your assets.

Meet your partner for power distribution "peace of mind"

Your power equipment operates best with a solid service strategy. But it isn't easy. Having all of the skills you need in-house to keep critical systems operating may not be practical. That's why many companies work with Siemens, the experts in comprehensive power distribution services. Customers choose Siemens because they know they have a trusted partner — one who will be there throughout the entire lifecycle of their systems. Think of us as your own team of experts dedicated to helping you and your equipment do more. Be prepared to experience a new feeling and it’s called “peace of mind.”  We help you stay focused on your core competencies by leaving the rest to us. 

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