Factory acceptance testing (FAT) 

Siemens offers multiple options for factory acceptance testing of select low- and medium-voltage products tailored to fit your needs

Siemens' FAT options help assure equipment readiness and can reduce project costs, improve convenience, and enhance health and safety  

An important project milestone in a project's cycle is the factory acceptance testing, which helps confirm the equipment has been manufactured according to a purchase order's specification and is ready to be installed at site. 

In-person factory acceptance testing

Historically, a traditional FAT is conducted and witnessed in-person by the customer. This steadfast option continues to be available. The safety and well-being of Siemens employees and customers is our utmost priority and we are continuously monitoring COVID-19 guidelines, legislation, and exposure data. Due to current healthcare restrictions, traditional FATs are being conducted on a limited, as-required basis at certain Siemens facilities for select products. Prior approval must be obtained from Siemens management in order to visit our facilities and daily screening protocols must be strictly adhered to.

Virtual factory acceptance testing lets you see what we see and can save your company time and money 

Since an in-person FAT may not always be possible or preferable, Siemens offers unique remote solutions to witness a project's FAT on select low- and medium-voltage products. These solutions avoid the need to travel and can save a company both travel time and money. 


Through the use of phone and tablet cameras in the factory and secure video conferencing tools, customers can connect with live access to testing and inspections addressing their product's functionality. During each day of the scheduled FAT, the factory and remote customer teams set pre-determined hours to communicate and video chat to answer questions, review drawings, or show additional details. Siemens' live, remote, virtual option offers the same level of transparency and attention to detail as an in-person FAT but with the benefits of cost and time savings and enhanced healthcare precautions.

Immersive 3D walk-through option

In addition to live, virtual FATs, select Siemens locations can provide an immersive, time-captured, 360° model of select equipment and FAT areas. With this option, Siemens will provide a web link to the customer that gives them the ability to travel around the test area virtually, zoom-in on equipment details, take measurements, and gain a birdseye view of the entire FAT. Dependent upon customer needs, multiple scans may be necessary - one with the equipment doors open (if applicable) and one with the doors closed. The models will serve as a current snapshot of the equipment that can be compared to technical drawings and specifications. 

For more information about what Siemens FAT solutions can do for your project, please reach out to your local Siemens sales representative or project manager. 

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