CMR compact modular recloser

17.5-27 kV
  • Rated short-time withstand current up to 12.5 kA

  • Rated continuous current up to 630 A

  • Lightning impulse (BIL) up to 150 kV

CMR compact modular recloser

As a direct substitute for traditional, single-phase, hydraulic reclosers, the type CMR allows for reduced maintenance with only the rechargeable battery pack having to be replaced. Wireless communications enables in-service reconfiguration and downloading of the event log and load profile.


By eliminating regular maintenance and utilizing line voltage as power supply, the new modular auto-recloser addresses common problems of obsolete hydraulic reclosers. The compact recloser is fully rated for voltage systems up to 27 kV and features a complete, insulated housing that covers all live parts. The lightweight device permits easy installation and fast commissioning, plus the ability for wireless firmware and configuration updates. 


The CMR conforms to the revelant sections of the following standards: IEC 62271-111 (2012) / IEEE C37.60.


Watch the video below to learn more about Siemens CMR compact modular recloser.  


Lightweight, reduced-maintenance alternative to hydraulic reclosers.


Fully integrated self-powered system:

  • Power supply using line voltage
  • Rechargeable battery for backup power
  • Magnetic-actuated vacuum interrupter
  • Integrated protection relay and controller
  • Flexible mounting options. 


  • Wireless connectivity
  • GPS time reference
  • SCADA capability (future)
  • Voltage and current measurement
  • Fault-passage indication (FPI)
  • Comprehensive event log
  • Full range of TCC curves.


  • Lightweight 48.5 lbs (22 kg) excluding mounting bracket
  • Simple and quick to install.


  • A range of mounting styles
  • Factory pre-configuration.

Reliable and reduced maintenance

The CMR auto-recloser is suitable for all sites where the system voltage is less than 27 kV and the prospective short-circuit level is less than 12.5 kA, even those with inconsistent or no line current. Featuring fully configurable protection and four operations in a sequence, the unit presents the ideal solution for clearing transient faults on long rural distribution lines.


The system design facilitates uninterrupted operation for reliable service. Unlike hydraulic reclosers, the auto-recloser has no need for periodic inspection and maintenance.


  • Voltage ratings of 17.5 kV or 27 kV
  • Rated short-time withstand current of 12.5 kA
  • Rated continuous current of 630 A
  • Lightning impulses (BIL) of 110 kV,  125 kV, or 150 kV.
Rating description
Rated maximum voltage
17.5 kV
27 kV
27 kV
Rated power-frequency withstand – dry
50 kV
60 kV
60 kV
Rated impulse-withstand voltage
110 kV
125 kV
150 kV
Switch unit parameters
Rated frequency
50/60 Hz
Rated continuous current
630 A
Rated short-time withstand current
12.5 kA
Rated peak-withstand current
32.5 kA
Rated duration of short circuit
3 s
Rated symmetrical interrupting current
12.5 kA
Rated symmetrical fault-making current
12.5 kA
Rated operating sequence
O – 0.3s – CO – 2s – CO – 2s – CO
Clearing time
<50 ms
Rated line-charging interrupting current
5 A
Rated cable-charging interrupting current
25 A
Minimum number of operations at rated short-circuit current
Minimum number of load-break operations at rated current/mechanical operations
IP rating
Service environment 
Operating temperature range
-40 to +131 ºF (-40 to +55 ºC)
0 to 100%
Maximum altitude
 9.843 ft (3,000 m)2
Pollution class
Very heavy


“Correct model must be selected for the applicable system voltage (27 kV model cannot be used on a 12 kV network).

“Derating required above 3,281 ft (1,000 m).

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