LER line-tap medium-voltage disconnects

LER line-tap medium-voltage disconnects

15-38 kV
  • Rated continuous current up to 900 A

  • Lightning impulse (BIL) up to 150 kV

LER medium-voltage line-tap disconnects

Featuring a sturdy and well-ventilated square-tubular copper blade and high-pressure silver contacts, the type LER line-tap disconnect provides superior current-carrying characteristics. Meets the requirements of a wide array of cable-riser and cross-over applications.


Watch the video below to learn more about Siemens medium-voltage air-break disconnect switches. 


Line-tap or cross-over disconnection.


Features include:

  • Dead-end connection and tension withstand 
  • Porcelain or polymer insulators 
  • High-pressure silver contacts.


  • Plug-in Saf-T-Gap interrupter 
  • Captive-terminal hardware 
  • Wedge hangers or cable connectors 
  • Loadbreak hooks.


  • Voltage ratings of 15 kV, 25 kV, or 38 kV
  • Rated continuous currents of 600 A or 900 A
  • Lightning impulses (BIL) of 110 kV or 150 kV.

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