Medium-voltage power distribution products and solutions trailers

Siemens medium-voltage power distribution products and solutions trailers

Your partner for a more powerful future

Siemens is on the road throughout the continental U.S. bringing our power distribution products and solutions to you via a fleet of trailers accompanied by our product experts. Learn and experience how Siemens' products and solutions can help you. Do you have high-power needs? Want to improve safety for your operators? Need to save costs and keep your customers' power on? Interested in our latest technology and how it can help your network? Reach out to your local Siemens sales representative, who can help answer these questions and more, or click on the support tab and one of our product specialists will contact you.

Products and solutions currently on display:

  • 3AH35-MA magnetic-actuator operator
  • Disconnect switches
  • Distribution reclosers and controllers
  • Fusesaver™ medium-voltage circuit breaker 
  • SDV7 outdoor vacuum distribution circuit breaker with stored-energy operator
  • GM-SG air-insulated switchgear with Siemens electrical-integrated racking solution (SIERS).

Mailing address

Siemens Industry, Inc.

7000 Siemens Road

Wendell, North Carolina 27591

United States

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