Factory, virtual, and mobile showcases 

Siemens power distribution product demo viewing options

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In today’s world, it is more important than ever for our customers to have flexible and convenient ways to be able to learn about and experience how Siemens’ products and solutions can help them achieve their goals from medium- and low-voltage power distribution to the next generation of photovoltaic and eMobility products and solutions. We are proud to offer three distinct ways to demonstrate our capabilities to our customers. 

In-person equipment showcase at our Wendell, North Carolina location

Visit us at our Wendell, NC facility which is also the home to the U.S. headquarters for the Distribution Systems business unit. We would be delighted to host you at our recently completed equipment showcase where you can physically inspect a wide variety of equipment including:

  • Medium-voltage air- and/or gas-insulated switchgear that include solutions to help improve operator safety like arc-resistance (AIS and GIS) and electrical racking and Sm@rtGear technologies (AIS only)
  • Medium-voltage metal-enclosed switchgear including arc-resistance (8DJH 36) and Siemens OMARS operation and maintenance arc-flash reduction system (SIEBREAK-VCB)
  • Low-voltage motor control centers and medium-voltage motor controllers with options like arc-resistance and Sm@rtGear and SIERS technologies
  • A variety of circuit breakers including outdoor distribution with spring- or magnetic-actuator operators, retrofit, and replacement
  • Outdoor, overhead switching products including the world's fastest medium-voltage circuit breaker, the Fusesaver, disconnect switches and distribution reclosers and control 
  • Automation solutions like Siemens Distribution Feeder Automation (SDFA) and Sm@rtGear technology
  • Solutions ideal for the renewables applications including a blueplanet photovoltaic inverter, SDV-R outdoor circuit breaker with fast-acting grounding switch, and 8DJH 36 arc-resistant, compact, gas-insulated switchgear section
  • Electric-vehicle charging. 

 Virtual equipment showcase

While there is no substitute for kicking the tires, it is not always possible to make a special trip to our equipment showcase. Therefore, we have created a virtual model of our showcase with convenient links to additional information on all of the equipment being displayed. The model is easily navigable on a PC, tablet, or smartphone, and is available 24/7/365 to meet your schedule.

On the road or at your facility

Siemens is on the road throughout the continental U.S. bringing our power distribution products and solutions to you via a fleet of trailers accompanied by our product experts. Products and solutions currently on display in our mobile trailers include:

  • 3AH35-MA magnetic-actuator operator
  • Disconnect switches
  • Distribution reclosers and controllers
  • Fusesaver medium-voltage circuit breaker
  • SDV7 outdoor vacuum distribution circuit breaker with stored-energy operator
  • GM-SG air-insulated switchgear with Siemens electrical-integrated racking solution (SIERS).

Learn and experience how Siemens' products and solutions can help you in the way that best fits your needs. Do you have high-power needs? Want to improve safety for your operators? Need to save costs and keep your customers' power on? Interested in our latest technology and how it can help your network? Reach out to your local Siemens sales representative, who can help answer these questions and more, or click on the support tab and one of our product specialists will contact you.

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