Vector® series group-operated medium-voltage switches

Vector series medium-voltage group-operated switches
Vector series medium-voltage group-operated switches

25-38 kV
  • Rated continuous current up to 1,200 A

  • Lightning impulse (BIL) up to 200 kV

Vector series medium-voltage group-operated switches

Designed for superior performance in three-phase loadbreak switching, the Vector is manufactured as a true unitized switch. High-pressure, self-cleaning contacts improve reliability. Factory adjusted and fitted with a single-point lift, the Vector can be manually operated or motorized.


Three-phase off-load and load-break switching.


Features include:

  • Oil-impregnated sintered bronze bearings
  • Internal operating mechanism
  • Factory adjusted
  • Single-point lifting.


  • Fiberglass, aluminum, or steel base
  • Horizontal, vertical, phase-over-phase, or underhung mounting
  • Porcelain or polymer insulators
  • Bolt-on or plug-in interrupters
  • Arrester brackets
  • Hookstick or pipe operated
  • Motorized operation.


  • Voltage ratings of 25 kV or 38 kV
  • Rated continuous currents of 900 A or 1,200 A
  • Lightning impulses (BIL) of 150 kV or 200 kV.

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