Replacement camera system for 8DA10 single-bus and 8DB10 double-bus, arc-resistant, gas-insulated switchgear

8DA10 single-bus arc-resistant gas-insulated switchgear

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Replacement camera system for future proof technology

Medium-voltage gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) types 8DA10 and 8DB10 are designs that feature fixed-mounted vacuum circuit breakers connectable to the main bus through three-position switches. The position of the switches is indicated by reliable contact position indicators and can also be visibly verified from the front of the unit using a convenient camera system. 


The camera system for the GIS types manufactured prior to 2016 utilize a proprietary interface for data transfer and a driver to run  the camera software that has become obsolete. With this in mind, Siemens has designed a future-proof replacement camera solution that is quick and easy to upgrade in the field. 


Easy installation

The legacy camera system is installed outside of the SF6  gas housing for easy changeout and upgrade. The old camera can be removed safely without any need to access the gas zone and therefore no SF6 gas handling is required. The new camera system fits in the same location as the old camera, and has a plug-and-play, direct fit design that can be accomplished in minimal time.  


Future proof technology

Data transfer over the proprietary FireWire interface has been replaced with RJ45 standard network adapter in the new system. This eliminates the need for a laptop to have the FireWire interface and allows the user to utilize any Windows® operating system laptop with a RJ45 ethernet connection port. 


The new system has also eliminated the need for a driver to run camera software to see the images of the switch positions, and thus eliminates inevitable driver obsolescence. The new upgrade needs only a web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer,  or Google Chrome, to transmit the image onto  a standard computer. No internet connection is required. 


Robust construction

The new system design offers more robust construction including a plug-in interface connection point for the RJ45 ethernet cable and USB power port that has two screw cap covers. This replaces the single screwed cover of the old design. System complies with visible disconnect requirement per NEC 225.51 and 230.204.


Reliable viewing

The new system offers the same convenient and reliable viewing of the disconnect switch positions as the previous system.


Optional HMI upgrade

For added convenience, Siemens offers an optional advanced retrofit HMI solution upgrade. Adding an HMI screen for each switchgear phase allows the user to view the switch position images without the need for a peripheral laptop. 

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