Medium-Voltage Circuit Breakers (OEM)

Medium-Voltage Circuit Breakers

Complete offering of components for panel builders building ANSI switchgear

Siemens 5 kV - 15 kV type GM-SG switchgear product offering features the class-leading Siemens type 3AH3 circuit breaker operating mechanism with interrupting ratings from 25 kA to 63 kA. Siemens also offers 38 kV rated components used in our type GM38 switchgear product line, building on over 30 years of switchgear installations in North American and global markets. 

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Pre-Configured Type GM-SG Skeletons for Fast Delivery

Fast-delivery type GM-SG skeletons are offered up to 50 kA in the following configurations [1], [2]:

  • A-blank over B-blank
  • A-blank over B-1,200 A
  • A-blank over B-2,000 A
  • A-blank (ventilation) over B-3,000 A
  • A-blank (ventilation) over B-4,000 A
  • A-1,200 A over B-1,200 A
  • A-1,200 A over B-2,000 A
  • A-2,000 A over B-1,200 A
  • A-2,000 A over B-2,000 A
  • A-3,000 A, E-ventilation and F-VT
  • C-VT, D-blank and B-1,200 A
  • C-VT, D-blank and B-2,000 A
  • C-blank, D-VT and B-1,200 A
  • C-VT, D-VT and B-1,200 A
  • C-blank, D-VT and B-2,000 AC-VT, D-VT and B-2,000 A
  • C-blank, D-blank and B-1,200 A
  • C-blank, D-blank and B-2,000 A
  • C-VT, D-blank and B-blank
  • C-blank, D-VT and B-blank
  • C-VT, D-VT and B-blank
  • C-blank, D-CPT and B-1,200 A
  • C-blank, D-CPT and B-2,000 A
  • C-VT, D-CPT and B-1,200 A
  • C-VT, D-CPT and B-2,000 A
  • C-blank, D-CPT and B-blank
  • C-VT, D-CPT and B-blank
  • C-VT, D-VT, E-VT and F-VT


[1] Voltage transformer has been abbreviated as VT.

[2] Control power transformer has been abbreviated as CPT.


Siemens offers the following optional equipment with type GM-SG components:

  • Manual racking crank
  • Manual spring charging handle
  • Pair of drawout extension rails
  • Split plug jumper
  • Test cabinet (125 Vdc control voltages only. Consult factory for other voltages.)
  • Electrically operated racking motor accessory
  • Circuit breaker lift truck (no lift sling required)
  • Auxiliary tray attachment for lift truck
  • Lift sling (use with customer’s crane or hoist)
  • Fifth wheel assembly
  • Secondary disconnect (for cubicle)
  • Inter-unit bus supports glass-polyester 1,200 A, 2,000 and 3,000 A (For high-track, consult factory.)
  • Cover boots for primary stab 1,200 A/2,000 A and 3,000 A/4,000 A
  • Bus boot
  • Cover boot for VT connection
  • Cover boot for plug adaptor
  • Cover boot for plug close
  • Insulator assembly (Various ratings. For high-track, consult factory.)
  • Type GMSG-MO manually operated ground and test device up to 50 kA
  • Type GMSG-EO electrically operated ground and test device up 50 kA (For 63 kA, consult factory)
  • 40- and 50-foot control cables for Type GMSG-EO (30-foot control cable is standard)
  • Single-ratio and multi-ratio current transformers

Siemens offers the following optional equipment for the type GM-SG circuit breaker:

  • Capacitor trip device (120 Vac or 240 Vac only, mounted on circuit breaker)
  • Secondary release (second trip coil mounted on circuit breaker)
  • UL-Label (or C-UL Label)
  • Undervoltage release (mounted on circuit breaker)
  • Three-cycle interrupting time (not with 24 Vdc trip)
  • Definite purpose capacitor switching
  • Definite purpose generator switching
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