Gas turbine innovation for demanding energy markets

Innovation at Siemens means realizing ideas that will provide the best return on investment for our customers. We continuously improve our products, solutions and manufacturing technologies, providing state-of-the-art gas turbines for the most competitive and demanding energy markets. Our advanced gas turbine technologies ensure high operational and fuel flexibility as well as low emissions.

Portfolio overview

Siemens pushes its gas turbine technology for higher power plant efficiency

Siemens is developing the HL-class gas turbine series in an evolutionary development step derived from its proven SGT-8000H class technology. This series consist of three engines: SGT5-9000HL, SGT6-9000HL and SGT5-8000HL. The advanced Siemens HL-class gas turbines combine a series of new but already tested technologies and design features with the best of past experience clearing the way to efficiency levels beyond 63 percent with a mid-term goal to reach 65 percent.

Based on proven design and relying on our extensive fleet experience, we’re gathering speed in driving technological upgrades throughout our entire fleet with super-efficient cooling features, new materials or digital solutions to optimize output and lifecycle costs. 

Advanced manufacturing technologies boost gas turbine innovation

We are well-positioned to be the leader of the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing, because we are one of the only companies that combine all necessary competencies.

Our experts are successfully applying their skills and abilities to manufacture high-tech products like the high-efficient gas turbine blades using the 3D-printing technology.

Tested gas turbines you can count on

More than 6,900 Siemens gas turbines are operating successfully all over the world – adapted to specific surroundings, climate and power requirements. That’s because our gas turbines are thoroughly tested in our own test facilities to ensure they run smoothly even under the harshest conditions. Siemens’ gas turbine manufacturing plant in Berlin, Germany, boasts one of the most modern and innovative test facilities in the world.

Here, all our gas turbine types are tested down to every last detail. For special test runs, the test facility experts install sensors and measuring instruments to analyze up to 12,000 measuring points with all operational parameters, such as mass flow, temperatures, or vibrations.

Prototype testing speeds up the innovation cycle

At the Siemens Clean Energy Center close to Berlin (Germany), experts test every aspect of the combustion process of our gas turbines. Prototype components pass through a series of tests, pursuing the main goal of making gas turbines more efficient and flexible – while keeping up with the rapid pace of innovation in the energy market.