Low-voltage motor control center (MCC) direct replacement buckets 

 Low-Voltage Motor Control Center (MCC) direct replacement bucket for GE 7700
Low-Voltage Motor Control Center (MCC) direct replacement bucket for GE 7700

MCC replacement buckets combine custom engineering with the latest technology to address limited replacement parts availability and bucket obsolescence.

Direct replacement buckets offer a cost-effective way to extend the life of existing equipment without the cost and extensive downtime associated with all new equipment. We have been providing renewal parts for Siemens’ tiastar and legacy MCCs for decades, and now we offer direct replacement buckets for Siemens’ brand products as well as other original equipment manufacturers including GE, Allen-Bradley, Westinghouse, Eaton, Moeller, and Square D, with our line of direct replacement buckets.  

Replacement buckets plug directly into the existing motor control center to extend equipment life and are constructed and certified to the exact same UL 845 standards that new MCC assemblies are constructed. Replacement MCC buckets enable retrofitting of aging MCCs with the most up-to-date technology including soft starters, variable frequency drives, surge protection, and metering and communications. 

Standardized design

Siemens has been engineering retrofit and replacement solutions for electrical power distribution equipment including medium-voltage vacuum roll-in replacement circuit breakers and low-voltage replacement circuit breakers since 1980. Our low- and medium-voltage circuit breaker solutions utilize common operators for all of our designs. Our custom engineered Siemens and non-Siemens model MCC replacement units utilize this same philosophy and offer a standard design using our 3VA molded case circuit breaker for all new MCC replacement unit designs.


Modular design that connects to the original bus

MCC replacement units are designed as self-contained modular units which meet UL and NEMA standards. They come with rear-mounted, self-aligning copper stabs that firmly grasp onto the original bus. From 22 mm to 30 mm pilot devices, and from direct starters to world-class drives, Siemens MCC replacement units have features and options to meet many specific needs.  

Smart MCC technology 

Siemens’ smart MCC replacement units are networked, NEMA compliant MCC units that can communicate. They incorporate intelligent devices to control and monitor motor operation, energy consumption, and power quality. Smart MCCs rapidly communicate with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or process control systems via a data network.


Smart MCC units can be internally interconnected using communication protocols which incorporate intelligent devices such as SIMOCODE pro motor management systems, SIRIUS 3RW44 soft starters, SIMATIC PLCs, Siemens’ variable-frequency drives (VFDs), and other smart components. The Sm@rtGear power distribution solution is also optionally available.

3VA molded case circuit breaker

3VA molded case circuit breaker features for a variety of applications

Safe, efficient, and variable application options for low-voltage power distribution whether in industrial applications, infrastructure, or buildings.  

  • Compliance with global standards and certifications
  • Extensive selection of internal accessories (auxiliary and alarm switches, shunt trips), that are universal to the product line
  • Power metering and communication capability with Modbus, Profibus, Profinet protocols
  • DAS maintenance mode available to reduce arc flash


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