Power systems engineering

An unmatched range of consulting engineering, analytical studies, and specialized field service

Aligning with your specific needs, Siemens can scale service agreements and on-call services across an unrivaled portfolio of Power Systems Engineering Services, delivered by highly trained experts you can trust. 

An extensive lineup of specialized field services for total power solutions

Siemens offers experienced power systems specialists to help optimize your systems, backed by a national network of over 100 field offices across the country. Our professional engineers and certified technicians will help you:


• Maximize system reliability and availability

• Determine correct capital equipment ratings and associated protective relay system configuration and settings

• Improve safety for employees and subcontractors

• Optimize system performance

• Improve power quality

• Establish "Selective Coordination" for protection systems in emergency power applications per NEC 700, 701, and 708

• Extend equipment lifecycles

• Reallocate maintenance resources to core business needs

• Protect sensitive electronics

• Reduce operation, maintenance, and repair costs.

In addition, the power system specialists from Siemens also provide Streamlined Power System Construction Studies (PSCS) according to the Division 16000 specifications included in most construction projects.

This means we can:


• Verify selected equipment is correctly applied prior to release for manufacture

• Determine protective device settings required for selective coordination

• Provide setting tabulations for implementation during commissioning

• Confirm that applicable code requirements are satisfied.

Service offerings

Short circuit study


Power system specialists from Siemens will detemine the

maximum duty that your system’s protective devices,

transformers, and interconnections will be subjected to in the

event of three-phase and/or line-to-ground fault conditions. In

addition, we will provide basic information required to establish

protective relay settings.


Coordination study


Under fault conditions, systems should isolate the faulted area

to minimize disturbance to the remaining system and

simultaneously limit damage to equipment. We will review the

characteristics of your protective devices and provide the

settings necessary to ensure that your system functions

optimally should a fault occur.


Harmonic analysis


As AC drives have become increasingly prevalent in the industry,

we have seen the introduction of destructive harmonics to

many systems. The power quality experts from Siemens will

determine the extent and severity of harmonics in your system

then recommend the appropriate means of mitigating potential



Transient stability study


This study is particularly valuable for facilities that generate

their own power and those with very large motors. Our power

system specialists will study the transient response of rotating

equipment following system disturbances and analyze system

behavior in relation to the power company tie.


Protective device evaluation


With the objective of achieving optimum protection, we will

perform the necessary calculations required to select the

interrupting rating of power fuses, circuit breakers, and other

protective devices.




Power quality assessment


In recent years with the proliferation of sensitive electronic

equipment, power quality has become a major concern for

industry. We perform structured, step-by-step studies with

timely diagnosis and expert solutions to the complex challenges

of utility and end-user power quality issues.


Arc flash study


NFPA 70E requires that an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis be

performed prior to work on electrical equipment. Siemens will

determine the incident energy levels, arc flash boundary (AFB),

and required level of personal protective equipment (PPE).


Grounding study


With the goal of ensuring proper protection and reducing the

possibility of excessive transient overvoltages during line-to-ground

faults, Siemens engineers will determine and

recommend the most appropriate form of system grounding

(including derived, low resistance, and high resistance).


Voltage unbalance study


Voltage flicker and poor voltage regulation are a common

concern on systems with large arc furnaces. The experts from

Siemens use this study to develop comprehensive solutions that

limit the effects of voltage irregularities and protect sensitive



Applications engineering


Ensuring that large capital equipment such as power

transformers and above NEMA motors are properly rated and

fulfill design requirements is a complex and difficult process.

The consequence of an incorrect rating can add considerably to

equipment costs as well as play havoc with schedules. Siemens

will develop the necessary basis of design so that your new or

existing equipment is correctly applied and properly specified

for subsequent manufacturing, modification, or repair.


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