Equipment training

Changes in workforce demographics have heightened the need to provide hands-on training in the installation and maintenance of power distribution equipment.

Onsite training




Siemens can provide an experienced field engineer to bring technical, hands-on training in the environment that you are comfortable in. In this setting, maintenance technicians and asset owners can interact directly with the equipment as the instructor walks through maintenance and repair techniques. When required, we can provide additional learning materials and incorporate classroom instruction as part of the training.


Technical Field Assistance


When field service arises, either planned or unplanned, you can contract Siemens to provide a factory trained engineer to come onsite and assist your chosen contractors or maintenance crews with OEM experience to help you perform your work.

  • Start-up (energization)
  • Installation support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Root cause analysis
  • Reveiw of test documents and data


Factory Training


You will be hosted at one of our factories where subject matter experts are located, along with relevant equipment demos. Curriculum is designed to increase the knowledge of personnel responsible for handling, installing and maintaining the equipment. The program consists of classroom training and hands-on instruction.

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