Closed door racking (CDR) systems for Westinghouse DHP and DH breakers


The issue of risk to arc energy incidents during racking of a medium-voltage circuit breaker is well known and appreciated in the industry.  There are various solutions for addressing this issue from replacing the switchgear with new arc-vented switchgear tested in accordance with IEEE C37.20.7 to racking circuit breakers with the use of a remote racking system.


Based on feedback from many customers, there are strong preferences for simple remote racking solutions. Such solutions are typically custom designed to target specific circuit breaker families. While addressing solutions for REMOTE RACKING, Siemens has used proven designs for a simple motor with directional push-button controls and a torque tender (clutch) assembly while improving the interface issues for racking these types of breakers. Notable improvements include the following:

  • Lights to indicate fully racked into CONNECT or TEST positions

  • Right Ankle motor used to improve handling – Center of Gravity is closer to the door improving handling of the REMOTE RACKING

  • Frame with wheels used for DHR-REMOTE RACKING

  • Instructions provided on the device for quick review

  • Simple installation and engagement with switchgear relay panel and breakers

  • Solutions for Allis-Chalmers (MA, FA, FB, FC, FCV, MSV, FSV)

  • Solutions for Siemens DPR – vacuum replacement circuit breakers for Westinghouse DHP

  • Solutions for Siemens DHR – vacuum replacement circuit breakers for Westinghouse DH.

While REMOTE RACKING solutions are a viable solution, a remote racking device is the most versatile. Siemens SPR1 is a rolling racking system with interchangeable adaptors to fit a wide range of circuit breakers. This universal solution allows for maximum use both now and in the future if you decide to install other models of circuit breakers. This unit includes features such as:

  • Constant monitoring of torque/position to protect against breaker damage

  • Remotely operated from as far as 75 feet away

  • Adaptable use with more than 50 low- and medium-voltage breakers

  • Hand truck design is simple to move

  • Touch screen control panel provides real time feedback of circuit breaker status

  • Quicker racking than by hand.

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