Russelectric to Exhibit at Microgrid 2020 Global Conference

Russelectric, A Siemens Business, a leading manufacturer of power control systems and automatic transfer switches, announces that it will be attending the Microgrid 2020 Global Conference, to be held virtually November 17-19. Microgrid 2020 Global Conference is a highly interactive event offering the opportunity for the virtual exchange of ideas of how fast and how far microgrids can grow to shape the future. Russelectric will showcase their Advanced Microgrid Control at their virtual booth.


The Russelectric Advanced Microgrid Control solution integrates and optimizes a facility’s onsite energy assets into a seamless microgrid: diesel generators, cogen, fuel cells, microturbines, solar PV, batteries, and critical and non-critical demands. At the core, Russelectric’s transfer switches, switchgear, and power controller provide physical, data, and control integration of a facility’s onsite demand and generation assets.


The Advanced Microgrid Control solution improves grid outage business continuity while reducing energy costs and carbon footprint. In addition, it improves facility power quality, benefiting internal equipment and reducing utility power quality charges via dynamic islanding capabilities, fast and reliable decoupling, automatic black start of backup generators, seamless grid resynchronization, and more.