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The electrification of transportation is expanding, and Siemens is committed to providing complete solutions to ensure our customers succeed in their eMobility journey – from the PlugtoGrid™. We’re shaping the market, powering the EV charging infrastructure across all sectors of transportation, as well as planning and implementing secure, future-proof grid connections to support the growth of eMobility in the United States.
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A reliable power supply is a key factor in a country’s economic stability. Siemens Energy Management adds to this stability with intelligent solutions.

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EV growth continues at a rapid pace and is now joined by the electrification of almost every mode of transportation—from cars and buses, to truck fleets and even bicycles. And the simple fact is that our U.S. charging infrastructure is falling way behind. Learn why Siemens created a new organization called eMobility to support this growing market.


Siemens now manufacturing DC chargers at Wendell, NC facility. 


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