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The adoption of electric vehicles is rapidly increasing - and with that comes the need for electric vehicle smart charging infrastructure to support offices, retail shops, hospitals, airports, universities, and colleges, public parking garages and parking lots, schools, hotels, multi-family dwellings and along highway corridors. Deploying smart EV charging technology at your commercial or business facility helps reduce your carbon footprint , energy consumption, and demonstrates forward-thinking with the adoption of technology that meets the needs of customers today and in the future. 

Siemens is helping customers easily deploy and manage their charging systems and help achieve net zero-carbon goals

Finding the electric vehicle charging solution that is right for you


Multiple solutions, one partner. 

Siemens offers PlugtoGrid™, an end-to-end set of solutions for EV charging infrastructure. Easily connect your chargers to the grid with Siemens eMobility's open protocol charging technology and electrical power distribution solutions as well as flexible options like energy storage, renewable power integration, and managed cloud services. PlugtoGrid delivers what you need to succeed with your electrification transformation. 

How do you get EV charging off the ground at scale?

As EV penetration into fleet operations increase, EV infrastructure requirements will quickly grow from one-off pilots to full scale, multi-hundred or even multi-thousand charging points in a single location. Click here to learn how with a few tweaks existing busway technology could be the answer to help easily scale up EV infrastructure with lower costs. 

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