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Public charging applications

Deploying smart charging technology at your facility not only helps reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption but it also demonstrates your leadership in adopting technology that meets the needs of today and tomorrow. With the demand for electric vehicles drastically increasing, there is a need for smart charging infrastructure to support anywhere from offices, retail shops, hospitals, airports, universities, and colleges, public parking garages and lots, schools, hotels, multi-family dwellings to even along highway corridors. Siemens is helping customers easily deploy, manage, and reduce their overall cost of ownership of their charging systems while helping reduce energy consumption to meet EV adoption demands.

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Multiple solutions, one partner. 

Siemens offers PlugtoGrid™, an end-to-end set of solutions for EV charging infrastructure. Easily connect your chargers to the grid with Siemens eMobility's open protocol charging technology and electrical power distribution solutions as well as flexible options like energy storage, renewable power integration, and managed cloud services. PlugtoGrid delivers what you need to succeed with your electrification transformation. 

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