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Electric vehicle fleet depot and cloud solutions

Helping you easily manage EV charging infrastructure at your depot or hub.

Optimize performance and costs at your electric vehicle fleet depot

Efficient e-Depots require a comprehensive approach to managing their operation and costs. Our e-Depot cloud service packages provide everything you need to operate, protect, and maintain your charging infrastructure at the highest performance level.

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Our electric fleet cloud depot solutions allow fleet operators to optimize fleet charging to maximize uptime.

Our depot cloud-based solutions offerings help to operate, protect and maintain your charging infrastructure at the highest performance level and to ensure cost-effective scheduling of charging operations. Easily manage your charging infrastructure with remote diagnostics, detailed reporting, operational planning and scheduling with one, simple user interface.

The benefits of depot management solutions for electric fleets

Our solutions, combined with our ecosystem of partners, allow you to easily manage your e-fleet charging infrastructure. With one simple user interface, you can deploy remote diagnostics, detailed reporting and operational planning and scheduling.

Depot CONNECT - Designed to maximize the uptime of your electrified fleet

Our Depot CONNECT digital software solution helps you maximize your uptime while reducing CAPEX and OPEX. Depot CONNECT lets you benefit from enhanced operational transparency, reduced energy costs, increased availability, and smooth integration, with all operating data and charge control at your fingertips.

Load-shaving with Depot CONNECT

Without smart charging, the charging operations are uncontrolled and start whenever buses are plugged. This results in power peaks above the depot’s maximum power capacity. Depot CONNECT allows you to set power limits for charger groups and gives you a smart-charging, load-shaving approach to protect the power capacity of your e-Depot.

Load-shifting with Depot CONNECT

Without smart charging, buses will start uncontrolled charging as soon as they plug in. As a result, power peaks can occur when electricity is most expensive. Depot CONNECT allows you to set power limits for charger groups and shift loads to times when consumption is less expensive, reducing the operational costs of the fleet.

Dynamic scheduling of charging operations with Depot CONNECT

Depot CONNECT provides the right prioritization algorithms for optimized charging regardless of the layout of your e-Depot. Whether FIFO, FILO, SPLIT, or Roundrobin – the algorithms ensure that the defined maximum power capacity is never exceeded and that available power is dynamically distributed to all connected vehicles.

Depot CONTROL - Optimize the charging and cost control of your electrified fleet

In addition to what is provided in our cloud service solutions in the Depot CONNECT package, Depot CONTROL offers adaptive charging control based on schedule, power constraints, and energy prices to put energy-efficient and dynamic optimization of e-fleet charging at your fingertips.

Dynamic replanning based on the actual situation

Optimized Charging Plan in Depot CONTROL can help with reducing demand charges caused by uncontrolled charging by up to 50%.

High energy costs resulting from uncontrolled charging at times of unfavorable time-of-use energy prices can be reduced by 40 percent  with an optimized charging plan in Depot CONTROL.

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