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Electrifying Fleets

Cities and corporations all over are making the switch to electric fleets. Electrifying fleets not only provides the competitive advantage as a leader in carbon reduction, but it helps to reduce total cost of ownership and helps meet decarbonization goals. With many incentive and funding programs available, they can save money on their overall investment. 

Your journey to successful fleet electrification starts here

Electrifying your fleet can not only help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption, but it also demonstrates your leadership in adopting technology that meets the demands of today and tomorrow. Your journey to a successful deployment of a sustainable and efficient operation of your electrified fleet starts here. Whether electrifying your bus, municipal, or commercial fleet, Siemens is here to help you easily deploy and manage your eFleet depot.


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Fleets are electrifying

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Planning for electrification – Determining what you really need

Fleet operators face a massive planning and analytical challenge as they electrify their vehicles. Companies need to know how to manage vehicle charging requirements, minimize costs, and rapidly deploy in the face of utility interconnection delays. In addition, companies need to understand how to retain flexibility to meet evolving business needs and evolving technology. Click below to learn how you can overcome this challenge during the planning stage to ensure you maximize your investment. 

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Products, services, and solutions designed for your fleet

Let's find the right solution for your needs. Siemens is shaping the market with innovative charging technology solutions, powering the infrastructure across various sectors as well as planning and implementing secure grid connections to enable the growth of fleet electrification. Talk to an expert today to see how we can help you find the right fit for your fleet using simulation and depot analysis. 

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Multiple solutions, one partner. 

Siemens offers PlugtoGrid™, an end-to-end set of solutions for EV charging infrastructure. Easily connect your chargers to the grid with Siemens eMobility's open protocol charging technology and electrical power distribution solutions as well as flexible options like energy storage, renewable power integration, and managed cloud services. PlugtoGrid delivers what you need to succeed with your electrification transformation. 

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