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Modular charging solution for electric fleets

Designed for your EV fleet

Powerful and reliable, SICHARGE UC offers 150 kW of flexible EV charging solutions for buses, trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles. It offers you fast, secure charging, interoperability, and lower installation costs.

SICHARGE UC heavy-duty EV charger

  • Fast, secure charging
  • Design flexibility
  • Sleek, compact dispenser size
  • Easily upgradeable
  • Low installation costs, with one power cable needed
  • Compatible with the Combined Charging System (CCS) type 1 charging standard.
  • Interoperability
  • Sequential charging (up to 4 dispensers)

SICHARGE UC offers 150 kW of flexible EV charging solutions for buses, trucks, and

heavy-duty vehicles. Each SICHARGE UC cabinet can power up to four charging dispensers with easy installation. 

SICHARGE UC charging center technical information

DC Output power

150 kW; 150 kW=200 amps 


Power supply voltage

480 and 600 V AC (3ph + PE) ± 10 %


Voltage range

100...950 V


Safety & Standards

SAE J1772, SAE J3105, ISO 115118; IEEE 519; UL2202; UL2231



150 kW = 43" (W)x39"(D)x87"(H)



150 kW = 3,307 lbs.



Indoor and outdoor, NEMA 3R


Casing material

Steel, galvanized, powder-coated color


Network connection

Ethernet interface / 3G / 4G / WLAN



SICHARGE UC plug-in dispensers (air-cooled cables)


DC output

Current: 200 amps


Vehicle connection

CCS type 1 plug


Voltage range

100...950 V



UL listed



24"(L) x 12"(W) x 79"(H); Wall mounted: 24"(L) x 12"(W) x 36"(H)



209 lbs; Wall mounted: 132 lbs



Indoor and outdoor, NEMA 3R


Casing material

Galvanized powder coated steel


Network connection

Ethernet interface / 3G / 4G / WLAN; RJ45 with Cat5 or higher and Ethernet via fiber optic cable SC type


Number of possible connectors

(sequential charging)

Up to four


Cable length

25 feet


Beyond charging

Managing your EV fleet – From planning to operation

Optimize your charging infrastructure with our cloud-based services and support throughout the entire lifecycle of your chargers to maintain uptime and greatest availability of your chargers.


  • Intelligent planning: Siemens supports your depot electrification beginning with the expert consultancy and depot planning and including the charging simulation.
  • Smart infrastructure: Benefit from our comprehensive charging portfolio which includes DC and AC equipment as well as advanced solutions for the power connection of your site.
  • Managing operations: Siemens' cloud-based suite offers everything you need to manage charging of your electric fleet intelligently and efficiently.
  • Rely on us – we care: During the whole lifecycle, our cloud-based service packages look after your chargers to ensure maximum availability of your fleet.

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