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EV charging solutions for mass transit 

Electrifying public transit

Siemens supports the efficient electrification of public transit systems and reliable integration with electric utilities.

Transits all over the U.S. are transitioning to an all-electric bus fleet due to the lowering cost of battery-powered electric buses, available funding, and local mandates. But these changes will require an electric charging depot that operates efficiently with reliable integration into the grid. 


Learn why transits should evaluate bus chargers, power requirements, and routes to make the most cost-effective implementation decisions.

Electric vehicle charging reliability

Your electric bus requires reliable power. Learn how transits can be prepared and remain reliable even when disasters occur. 

Finding the right solution for your electric transit fleet

PlugtoGrid - EV infrastructure


Multiple solutions, one partner

Siemens offers PlugtoGrid™, an end-to-end set of solutions for EV charging infrastructure. Easily connect your chargers to the grid with Siemens eMobility's open protocol charging technology and electrical power distribution solutions, as well as flexible options like energy storage, renewable power integration, and managed cloud services. PlugtoGrid™ delivers what you need to succeed with your electrification transformation.

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