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Trending in a new direction

Virtual and On Demand series where we discuss trending topics around transportation electrification, renewable integration, sustainability, and more.   
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There has been a major shift towards decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization as new technology emerges. The rise of electric vehicle demand and production, the advancement of renewable energy, and regulatory funding and mandates are all paving the way to a new world. Join our “Trending in a New Direction” series, where we discuss trending topics around transportation electrification, renewable integration, sustainability, and more.

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Trending in a new direction

Our world is changing daily. And while some of the changes are challenging, the trends of electrified transport, clean power generation, and smart technology are a direction we can unite behind to create a better future. In this session, join John DeBoer, Head of Siemens Future Grid in North America as we kick off our new virtual series by exploring the challenges and opportunities as we make the transition to electrified transport and a cleaner grid. After ten years and 35 countries, we’ve learned a great deal about how together we can lead a more sustainable and efficient future for North America. 

Next stop: Electrifying mass transit

Consumer demands for cleaner transportation has prompted the rise of electric buses for public transportation. In this session, Brian Pollock, Business Development Manager, discusses charging technologies for electrifying transit from planning to execution. Learn more about the importance of standards (what has been defined and more importantly – what hasn’t), implementing and scaling the various eBus charging technologies. 

Global best practices for EV charging standards and interoperability

Like any new market, many organizations across the globe are working to develop codes and standards throughout the entire EV market – vehicles, infrastructure, dispensers, but what does this all mean for companies, as well as EV drivers? In this series, join Chris King, Siemens Senior Vice President of Strategic Partners & Policy, as he discusses what standards are being processed, why they are important, what are their overall impact on the market, and what are some global best practices.

Smart buildings with smart electric vehicle chargers: Maximizing return on investment

Smart “connected” buildings capture data, generate insights, deliver optimal performance, and help organizations meet goals, one of which is to provide EV charging to employees, tenants, patients, students, and guests. Integrating EV chargers into your building system to achieve such goals does not have to be complicated and opens opportunities to not only provide the benefit of charging but to seamlessly improve the management of energy loads and generation within your locations. In this series, join Celia Dayagi, Siemens Head of Product Lifecycle Management for eMobility solutions, and Rich Nowak, Siemens Head of Building Automation and Smart Buildings in North America, as they explain how smart building with smart EV chargers can help optimize your entire building solutions.

Managing EV charging infrastructure: The evolving software ecosystem

As the EV market continues to evolve, there is a need for more extensive and scalable monitoring with remote diagnostics and management of charging stations. Whether you are beginning your journey into the transportation electrification venture or you have already secured your infrastructure, learn how charging management software is critical to success. In this series, join Mitch Henke, Global PLM – Public & Fleet Software, and Tim Hughes, Global PLM – Depot Software, as they explore the opportunities with real-life scenarios of managing charging infrastructure. 

PlugtoGrid: Simplifying EV infrastructure to reduce total cost of ownership

Transportation is evolving quickly. More and more electric vehicles are coming into the automotive market to meet the consumer demand for cleaner transport. But we’re going to need the charging infrastructure to support. Whether deploying a couple of charging stations, designing complex charging solutions, or transitioning entire fleets with existing infrastructure, Siemens offers PlugtoGrid™, an end-to-end set of open ecosystem solutions for EV charging infrastructure. In this session, join Steve Six, Head of Business Development for eMobility solutions and Celia Dayagi, Head of Product Management of eMobility solutions as they demonstrate how to easily set up your EV infrastructure to reduce total cost of ownership.

Planning for EV charging: Technical and commercial challenges and opportunities

EV sales are rapidly recovering to pre-COVID levels presenting the industry both challenges and opportunities.  At this early stage, most EV suppliers, charging station developers, charging technology providers, and even utilities view EV charging through their own parochial lens.  Enamored with charging speed and software capabilities, we should largely not ignore a fundamental truth – reliably supplied safe electricity must be provided by a local utility to a commercially viable charging business. Generating, transmitting, and delivering power not just to utilities, but to the individual feeder (wire) to which a charge station is connected is no small feat requiring years of detailed technical, commercial, and policy planning. In this webinar, Holt Bradshaw, Siemens PTI - Head of Technology and Alternative Fuels, will share some of these technical and commercial opportunities and a planning approach for consideration.

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