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VersiCharge™ AC Series

Energizing the evolution of e-mobility

The next generation of the award-winning VersiCharge AC electric vehicle chargers is now available! The VersiCharge AC series, in its 3rd generation, is the result of continuous development and improvement of EV chargers for over ten years. This state-of-the-art product matches the needs and expectations of today's growing demand for fast, safe and efficient eMobility charging solutions. 

Come charge on with Siemens VersiCharge!

Siemens VersiCharge AC Series is perfect for any application

Siemens VersiCharge AC chargers is the perfect charger for any application. Enjoy many benefits

and features, such as an easy-to-use app, smart building integration, flexible communication connections, open payment options, secure billing, faster charging, smart load management, OCPP and Modbus, and more.


VersiCharge AC chargers can directly be connected with customer preferred back -end systems making it scalable and cost-efficient. It can easily interact with abuilding management system, such as Siemens Desigo CC and Siemens WinCC for dynamic load management that smartly adjusts as building energy demand changes. Compatible with all common EVs and applicable charging standards, the VersiCharge is easy-to-use, and offers comfort functions, such as delayed and planned charging to ensure a high degree of customer convenience.

Benefits & features

Fit for all parking applications

Siemens AC chargers can be mounted to a wall or on a pedestal. The various accessories help you easily integrate into any parking location. 

Choosing your set up

Communication features

VersiCharge AC chargers provide numerous communication interfaces and an easily scalable parent-child configuration.

Child units can be connected to the local network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and can communicate with a a parent unit. Connects up to 9 child units by Wi-Fi (100 ft line of sight). Each unit is provided with one Ethernet port as well.


Thanks to its Modbus interface, VersiCharge AC chargers can directly interact with building management systems, such as Siemens Desigo for dynamic load management.

Vehicle connection

Various VersiCharge configurations are available to best fit the needs of the various charging locations.


The residential chargers are provided with a power plug option. An easy to use Mobile App allows commissioning and monitoring of both residential and commercial chargers 


Grid connection

The VersiCharge provides load management via OCPP or via Modbus.


During installation, a switch allows to limit the maximum power to either 2.8 kW, 3.8 kW, 5.8 kW,7.7kW, 9.6 or 11.5 kW.

Technical information

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