VersiCharge AC EV Charger FAQ 

Generation 3 / UL version only 

Where can I find my charger serial number? 

The serial number can be found on the top of the charger.  It’s 10 digits and starts with "WXXXXXXXXX.  Example: WBAH216123 

How do I add and remove RFID user cards? 

To add user cards tap the Admin card followed by tapping user card(s) that are to be added to the preauthorized list.  

Once all user cards are added, tap the Admin card to finish the operation of adding user cards to the preauthorized list.  


To remove a user card(s) tap the Admin card followed by the user card already in the preauthorized list, then tap Admin card again to end the removal process. 

How do I adjust my charger Delay?

Press the...  

Touch Sensitive button X 1 for 2 hrs delay (bottom vertical bar (LED solid White) 

Touch Sensitive button X 2 for 4 hrs delay (bottom 2 LED's solid White) 

Touch Sensitive button X 3 for 6 hrs delay (bottom 3 LED'S solid White) 

Touch Sensitive button X 4 for 8 hrs delay (all LED'S solid White) 

OR by using the Mobile App. 

Why do I have a solid Blue LED at the top of the vertical LED bar?  

Charging is not allowed due to RFID being enabled.  An RFID configured user card is needed to unlock the charger.   

What do the different Wi-Fi LED colors mean?  

Wi-Fi LED of the charger: 

1.       Blinking green - when attempting to connect to a network 

2.       Solid green - when connected to a network  

3.       Blinking blue - has Internet access and attempting to connect to VersiCloud  

4.       Solid white - connected to VersiCloud 

5.       Solid Red - no Wi-Fi access. Check the router. 

6.       Solid Orange - charger is connected to the router but the  Wi-Fi signal is weak.  

How do I know charging is in progress? 

Charging LED ON / Blinking. White LED(s) 2, 4, 6 and 8 blinking bottom to top indicating charging.  

Is commissioning mandatory?

Chargers should be commissioned to receive firmware updates, charger management, charger configuration and troubleshooting.   

How do I power cycle my charger? 

Locate the breaker your charger is connected to, turn it off for 15 seconds and then turn it back on.   

Why I am unable to charge my vehicle? 

If the top LED on the vertical bar is BLUE a user card is required for authorization.   


Ensure the charger is not set for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hour delay indicated by the white LED’s bottom to top on the vertical bar. Bottom LED 2 hour, bottom 2 LED’S 4 hour, bottom 3 LED’s 6 hour, all 4 LED’s 8 hour.   

How do I clear a charger fault identified by the fault status LED (red triangle in the bottom right corner of the charger?

If the fault does not recover on its own, press the Touch Sensitive button once. If the fault persists power cycle the charger. If fault hasn't cleared contact customer support via the Customer Support Portal at the following URL...