Electric Vehicle AC Charging Solutions

VersiCharge Electric Vehicle AC Charging Solutions

The industry’s most flexible and versatile offering is the Siemens VersiCharge line of Electric Vehicle Charging systems. These Level 2 (240 VAC) charging stations offer unparalleled usability, safety, energy management, and affordability and are sure to improve your electric vehicle experience. We are committed to expanding the VersiCharge Level 2 portfolio. Our latest additions include the Wi-Fi enabled VersiCharge SG (SmartGrid) unit which is leading the industry in smart EV charging technology. As well, there is a new pedestal mount, the VersiCharge Post, which is compatible with all of Siemens VersiCharge AC stations and may be ordered as an accessory.

VersiCharge SG: Siemens Wi-Fi-enabled, cloud-based electric vehicle charging station

VersiCharge SG is the first Wi-Fi enabled electric vehicle (EV) charging station that allows residential owners to monitor and control usage remotely through a mobile or web app.

  • automatically turn charging on or off

  • schedule charging when rates are lowest

  • view past power consumption data including usage and cost

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Siemens Introduces VersiCharge™ SG, the First Wi-Fi-Enabled, Cloud-Based Electric Vehicle Charging Station for Residential Use


Siemens VersiCharge can be used both residentially and commercially. Check out a recent installation outside a building in California.

The VersiCharge can be used on a variety of pedestals and in different countries, check out the pictures from a recent installation in Mexico.


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