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The VersiCharge SG OCPP is your solution for workplace charging. The VersiCharge Post accessory provides a versatile and cost effective pedestal solution to provide the benefit of EV charging to your employees no matter which VersiCharge units you choose to purchase.


  • The VersiCharge Post accessory is easily added to your project with any of the existing VersiCharge units

  • Can be installed into concrete or suspended in installation to avoid the need for trenching in existing construction

  • Designed to withstand sun and weather conditions

  • Control access to your stations with the addition of further accessories


Mount VersiCharge™
Enjoy the freedom of installing any VersiCharge EV charger wherever it is needed with a freestanding post.

Secure your charger
A convenient loop design is included in the VersiCharge post so you can easily add a lock of choice to secure the charger to the post.

PV and rust resistant finish
The VersiCharge Post is built to the standard of all other Siemens NEMA 4R enclosures and ready to withstand tough weather conditions, PV rays and salt water spray. It can be located indoor or outdoor.

Convenient wiring
With the VersiCharge Post, easily run the power supply under ground, routing conduit through the cement pad and entering the post through it’s open base. See the post installation guide for detailed instructions.

Cord management system
An arm located on the side of the post easily holds the cord when not in use.

Space for personalized logo
Add a company sticker on the post to make it your own.

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