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The Siemens VersiCharge line of residential Electric Vehicle charging systems is the industry’s most flexible and versatile offering. These Level 2 (240 VAC) charging stations offer unparalleled usability, safety, energy management, and affordability. Read below for details on the offering and how these devices can improve your electric vehicle experience.

Interested in controlling your charger with a smart phone app or understanding your power usage data? See solutions for the VersiCharge SG Unit here.

Comparison of Charge Time and Level 1 and Level 2 20 A Chargers

By upgrading to a VersiCharge unit, which is a Level 2 (240 V) Charging Station, you can cut your charge time by up to 70% versus the Level 1 (120 V) charger included with your car. Not only that but the Siemens VersiCharge is a 30 amp Level 2 unit which can charge up to 40% faster than 16 amp Level 2 units available from some competitors.

Charging Time
Level 1: 110/120 Volt Charger
Level 2: 220/240 Volt Charger 
20 A Max

Level 2: 220/240 Volt 
30 A Max (VersiCharge)

10 minutes



30 minutes



60 minutes                 



2 hours



4 hours



6 hours


Wiring Options

240 V Plug from behind (Plug is hidden)

The VersiCharge hardwired model is equipped with a 240V plug for easy plug in installation. The receptacle can be located below or behind the unit since the plug in cord routes either way in the back of the unit.

Additional Information

We have seen many areas where government tax credits or utility rebates have become available for residential smart EV charging. These can help offset the purchase and installation of a Siemens VersiCharge SG. Government incentives also exist to help offset the purchase of the vehicle itself.

1. Federal Tax Credit 
There is also a Federal tax credit for 2012 and 2013 to help offset up to 30% of the cost of a Level 2 charging station and installation. Talk to your tax professional to see if and how you can qualify.
Visit IRS website.
2. City and State Credits 
One great resource is the Alternative Fuels Data Center. Here you can search based on your city and state what incentives exist. 
Visit AFDC website.
3. Nissan Database 
There is also a large database of incentives made searchable by Nissan USA. 
Visit Nissan website.

Utility Programs

Many electric utilities provide programs to help with covering the cost of your charging station or might even offer a lower electricity rate for your EV. Click here to see what programs are available, or contact your local utility to find out if/what programs exist.

VerisCharge Universal Model
VersiCharge Hardwired Model

Part Number




30 Amps


Input Voltage

208 - 240 V AC


Cord Length

20 ft

14 ft

Wall Weight

14.5 lbs

12.5 lbs


14.5"W x 16.0"H x 6.5"D


Output Power

1.8 kW to 7.2 kW





Plug in Installation

Yes (below or behind unit)


Permanent Installation



VersiCharge Universal and SG Models

Circuit requirement

40 Amperes*

Input power connections

Line 1, Line 2, Earth Ground

Recommended branch breaker

40 Ampere double pole (Siemens: Q240 plug in type, B240 bolt on type)


VersiCharge Universal Model/ VersiCharge Hardwired Model


SAE J1772


VersiCharge Universal Model/ VersiCharge Hardwired Model

Standards Compliance

UL, SAE J1772, NEC® 625


FCC Part 15 Class B

Operating temperature                 

-30°C to +50° C

Storage temperature

-40°C to +60°C

Operating humidity

Maximum 95% non-condensing

Ground Fault Detection

5 mA CCID with auto retry

Works with all vehicles compliant to the SAE J1772 standard as well as with Tesla vehicles via adapter provided by Tesla.

Extra mounting brackets



Extra mounting brackets to move the VersiCharge unit to additional locations. Each unit comes standard with one mounting bracket included.



> Available on Amazon

Automation Solutions Reduce Peak Demand when Charging


By using off the shelf automation components like the Siemens S7-1200 PLC line and PAC energy meters, you can have charging stations turn off and on based on total building energy usage.


> More information on automation solutions 

Plug in vehicles require electricity to run motors as opposed to gasoline. The charging station is designed to safely and reliably provide this electric power to the vehicle much like a gasoline pump supplies gasoline. The charging station establishes communication with the vehicle, determines it is safe to allow power to flow through the cord, and removes power from the cord when charging is done. This ensures the charge cable is only energized when necessary and safe.

This varies by year, make, and model of the car. The 30A Level 2 VersiCharge reduces the charging time by 50-75% compared to the Level 1 chargers commonly provided with the car.

The Siemens VersiCharge units are designed per the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1772 standard to be compatible with any plug in electric vehicle or plug in hybrid for the North American market.

A 208-240 V (or Level 2) charging station can drastically reduce the charge time of your car versus the 120 V (or Level 1) charger included with your car. A Level 2 unit can cut charge time by up to 75%! The quicker charge time also means more range for your All Electric Vehicle when you stop at home briefly or less gasoline used on your Plug In Hybrid.

Siemens uses a best in class 5 mA sensitivity on the Charging Circuit Interrupting Device (CCID) to protect against ground faults as well as uses a ground monitor to check the integrity of the ground connection. In Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors (GFCI), National Electrical Code (NEC) states that devices intended for the protection of personnel should de-energize when a current to ground exceeds the 4-6 mA range.

VersiCharge also uses redundant internal barriers to shield a user from any components carrying electricity.

You can stop charging at any time. We recommend you press the "Pause" button on the charging station when you want to stop a charge cycle currently in process.


Any certified master electrician should be able to install your charging station. If you have any questions or want recommendations for an installer, please send us an email.

Yes, both the VersiCharge Universal and the VersiCharge Hardwired version can be hardwired (aka permanently installed) either by running conduit to the installation site or by hardwiring the unit from behind.

Installation costs can vary widely depending on location and permitting requirements in your area. A common average is between $400 and $2000 for installations at a residence and between $2000 and $5000 for a commercial installation.

The VersiCharge Universal model has a NEMA 4 rated enclosure and may be installed inside and outside while the VersiCharge Choice model only has a NEMA 1 rated enclosure and can thus only be installed inside.

Each VersiCharge unit is shipped from the factory with the amperage adjustment switch in the Max (100%) position. The position is marked by a small black arrow and not the screwdriver slot. The amperage adjustment switch is only used to limit power draw from the vehicle but does NOT allow the charging station to be wired on a smaller circuit than recommended in the installation manual.

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