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The Wi-Fi enabled VersiCharge™ SG (Smart Grid) adds communication and metering to the expansive list of standard features of the product line. Take your home charging to a new level with interactive capabilities through the smart phone app. Your charger changes as technology changes. With push updates to the application, you can be sure to have the latest and greatest technology from Siemens at your fingertips.

View the video below to learn more about VersiCharge Elite SG's features and benefits

We have seen many areas where government tax credits or utility rebates have become available for residential smart EV charging. These can help offset the purchase and installation of a Siemens VersiCharge SG. Government incentives also exist to help offset the purchase of the vehicle itself.

1. Federal Tax Credit 
There is also a Federal tax credit for 2012 and 2013 to help offset up to 30% of the cost of a Level 2 charging station and installation. Talk to your tax professional to see if and how you can qualify.
Visit IRS website.
2. City and State Credits 
One great resource is the Alternative Fuels Data Center. Here you can search based on your city and state what incentives exist. 
Visit AFDC website.
3. Nissan Database 
There is also a large database of incentives made searchable by Nissan USA. 
Visit Nissan website.

Utility Programs

Many electric utilities provide programs to help with covering the cost of your charging station or might even offer a lower electricity rate for your EV. Click here to see what programs are available, or contact your local utility to find out if/what programs exist.

SG Model

Part Number

VCSG30GRYUW (with Wi-Fi)

VCSG30GCPUW (with Wi-Fi and OCPP)

VCSG30GRUUW (with Wi-Fi and Utility Data)


30 Amps

Input Voltage

208 - 240 V AC

Cord Length

20 ft

Wall Weight

14.5 lbs


14.5"W x 16.0"H x 6.5"D

Output Power

1.8 kW to 7.2 kW



Plug in Installation

Yes (below or behind unit)

Permanent Installation


Communication Hardware

CEA2045 compliant module (included)

Network Connection



High Performing 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n


Communicates through local wireless network to VersiCharge SG Cloud

Metering Accuracy

+/- 0.5% standard (custom precision variant available)

Reporting Parameters

Power consumption, energy, events

Demand Response Compatible

Yes with Opt-in

Universal and SG Models

Circuit requirement

40 Amperes*

Input power connections

Line 1, Line 2, Earth Ground

Recommended branch breaker

40 Ampere double pole (Siemens: Q240 plug in type, B240 bolt on type)


Universal Model/ Hardwired Model 


SAE J1772


Universal Model/ Hardwired Model

Standards Compliance

UL, SAE J1772, NEC® 625


FCC Part 15 Class B

Operating temperature                 

-30°C to +50° C

Storage temperature

-40°C to +60°C

Operating humidity

Maximum 95% non-condensing

Ground Fault Detection

5 mA CCID with auto retry

Works with all vehicles compliant to the SAE J1772 standard as well as with Tesla vehicles via adapter provided by Tesla.

Watch the Wi-Fi LED indicator when first plugging in your SG. The LED will transition from a blinking red state to a blinking green state. It is suggested that you download and setup the VersiCharge SG application during this time. This new state indicates that the SG is broadcasting its own access point (VS-HAXXXXXXX). The unknown characters in this network name are a function of your chargers traceability number, located on a sticker on the top of the charger. Join this network from your computer or tablet, and navigate to Once submitted, the LED Wi-Fi indicator will undergo another transition to a green, yellow, or red state dependent upon Wi-Fi signal strength. You may now login to the application.

You may check the Wi-Fi strength at your installation location using a number of different applications; suggested apps include “Network Analyzer” for iPhone and “Wi-Fi Analyzer” for Android. It is advised you check signal strength prior to installation, otherwise network extenders may have to be used. 

The Elite SG operates on a 2.4GHz wireless network. When connecting to your home wireless make sure you use the 2.4GHz frequency. SG supports this frequency as its transmission range is much greater than that of a 5GHz network.

Siemens VersiCharge SG Installation Video on YouTube
Call Siemens VersiCharge Technical Support @ 1-800-241-4453 or send us an e-mail

We will provide a brief overview here, but advise that you refer to the green leaf shaped USB that came with your VersiCharge unit. Pull out the stem of the leaf to reveal a USB stick with a full Installation and Operation Manual on it. 
You can also watch the Siemens VersiCharge SG Installation Video on YouTube
Overview: Ensure that you have access to a 240V 40A dedicated circuit with 
NEMA 6-50 receptacle. If you do not, we advise hiring an electrician. Turn off power to this circuit using the dedicated circuit breaker, plug in the SG, and restore power. At this point download the mobile application and setup your account, more on this later. Once you see the LED Wi-Fi indicator transition to solid red use your smart phone or communicator to connect to the local access point broadcast by the charger and proceed to Once this is complete, start up your mobile or web application and begin to explore the many features of your VersiCharge SG!

Yes, for safety purposes please turn off power to the circuit when plugging in the VersiCharge SG. This voltage is enough to cause significant bodily harm.

The time zone is used to establish local time when utilizing the scheduling feature of the VersiCharge SG.

If you are a user with multiple chargers, make sure you give them a unique name. One application profile can be used to control multiple chargers. Simply complete the recommended installation process for both of the chargers which will connect your user account to both chargers. To switch between chargers in the application, swipe left or right on the home screen.

Schedules may be set by first navigating to the schedule tab of the mobile application. Within this tab charge schedules may be set up for both weekend and weekday charging. Set those charge times that fit your schedule, and totally automate your charging routine. Simply come home and plug in your vehicle and the SG takes care of the rest. Apart from automating what was a manual process, you can now more easily take advantage of any adjusted pricing your utility may offer. We recommend using Open EI’s utility rate database engine to see if your utility offers time of use pricing or special EV rates

A demand response program is a tool that a utility uses in order to control power demand in times of extremely high energy consumption. By enrolling in one of these programs, the utility can curtail your charge rate or shift your charge to a time, to avoid a grid overload. Many utilities generously incentivize their customers to adopt these programs. Make sure you check to see if your utility offers these kinds of incentives at

Siemens currently does not offer an upgrade program.


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Siemens Introduces VersiCharge™ SG, the First Wi-Fi-Enabled, Cloud-Based Electric Vehicle Charging Station for Residential Use


Siemens VersiCharge can be used both residentially and commercially. Check out a recent installation outside a building in California.

The VersiCharge can be used on a variety of pedestals and in different countries, check out the pictures from a recent installation in Mexico.

We saw some reviews that the cord was a little snug to plug into the holster and we are listening! We made some small modifications to change this today!


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