VersiCharge Ultra™ Level 3 Chargers

 Reliable and robust EV fast charger

In a world where reliable and fast EV charging is key, the Siemens VersiCharge Ultra 50™ offers the perfect space-saving solution. Combined Charging System (CCS) and CHAdeMO plug-in connections ensure charging options for all commercial and passenger vehicles. Continuous 50 kW DC power charges an EV up to 150 miles per hour, while patented, liquid cooling keeps the VersiCharge Ultra 50 footprint small and maintenance low. Multiple communication options to both the backend and the driver make this fast charger a preeminent addition to your electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

Features and benefits

  • Slim, compact, and stylish design
  • Reduced installation cost
  • Increased reliability
  • Durable UV resistant exterior
  • Low maintenance
  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) integration
  • Can be custom wrapped to reflect the customer branding
  • Options include built-in credit card reader, RFID, large display and more

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