VersiCharge Ultra DC electric vehicle fast charger

 Reliable and robust electric vehicle fast chargers suitable for all commercial and passenger vehicles


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DC fast charging for electric vehicles.

The Siemens VersiCharge™ Ultra 175 electric vehicle fast charger offer the perfect solution for any DC fast EV charging application. Combined Charging System (CCS) and CHAdeMO plug-in connections provides options for all commercial and passenger vehicles. Great for fast charging locations and applications along highway corridors.

The VersiCharge Ultra 175 DC electric vehicle charger

  • Easy to install 
  • Liquid cooled
  • Low maintenance
  • Cable management
  • 10" screen
  • CCS1 and CHAdeMO 
  • Brandable exterior
  • Optional credit card reader
  • IP65

The "ultra" powerful electric vehicle charger  is engineered for reliability across a wide range of grid voltages. Charging your EV with the VersiCharge Ultra 175 kW DC electric vehicle charger is safe, secure, and simple, with industry standard plugs and a simple interface. Designed for multiple applications, the VersiCharge Ultra 175 EV charger is easy to install, operate, and maintain, making it a cost-effective solution for DC fast charging. Its patented liquid cooling technology provides durability in various environmental conditions. 


Charging mode   

Level 3 

DC Output power

200V - 920V DC; CCS: up to 350A CHAdeMO: up to 200A

Vehicle connection

Single: CCS | Dual: CCS and CHAdeMO; US & Canada: CCS1 or CCS1 and CHAdeMO

Power supply voltage

380 - 480 V AC 3Ø: Breaker size 100A, 10kAIC and 120v control power

Safety & Standards

UL NRTL certification FCC Class A; EMC USA: FCC Immunity: Class A Emissions: Class A


6’7”(H) x 3’3”(W) x 1’9”(D) Note: Width excludes plugs




IP65 (NEMA 3R)


3-year warranty


Isolated Power Unit:


DC Output power

950V DC | Up to 178kW

Vehicle connection

Single: CCS | Dual: CCS and CHAdeMO; US & Canada: CCS1 or CCS1 and CHAdeMO

Power supply voltage

US: (480VAC): 480VAC 3ph ±10% | 60Hz ±10% | 225A nominal | 250A maximum (at low line level)

Canada: (600VAC): 600VAC 3ph ±10% | 60Hz ±10% | 180A nominal | 200A maximum (at low line level) 


6’11”(H) x 2’2”(W) x 3’6”(D) 


With transformer: 2,178 lbs


OCPP 1.5 and 1.6J  support for management and billing


IP55 (NEMA 3R)

Network Connection

Ethernet to dispenser unit


VersiCharge Ultra 50 Front View

VersiCharge Ultra 50 has been discontinued...

The VersiCharge Ultra 50 DC fast chargers have been discontinued. Please stay tuned as we work to provide a next generation comparable product. See below for information on our legacy DC fast chargers. 

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