Tailored financing solutions for additive manufacturing

Get a head start in additive manufacturing with our fully customized financing solutions.

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We are here to support your development in additive manufacturing. Regardless of if you are new to the field or if you are already operating 3D printing equipment, we’re here to help you reach your goals and increase your financial flexibility.

Benefits with financing – invest now, pay over time

We specialize in leasing and loan solutions for additive manufacturing equipment, meaning we know the technology, how it is used, and provide financing solutions which meets sector needs. We understand the challenges you are facing and provide the financial solutions that help you overcome them. With Siemens Financial Services as your financing partner, you have a solid foundation to build your business on.

Enabling a rapid expansion

Securing sufficient 3D printing capacity was one of the major challenges for eyewear manufacturer You Mawo as market demand grew for the company’s individualized eyeglass frames. Siemens Financial Services quickly worked out a customized leasing solution to fund the additional machines required, supplied by EOS. The smart financing model made it possible to get production up and running swiftly and the company to accelerate its growth.

Continued growth thanks to financing

When experiencing a dramatic increase in order intake, contract manufacturing company Material Solutions contacted Siemens Financial Services to finance the additional equipment the company required. “SFS are always available to support us and make a real effort to help us plan for the future. They offer simplicity, flexibility and competitiveness”, says Colin Crabb, Financial Director.

Minimize upfront costs for additive manufacturing equipment

Investing in industrial 3D printers, such as metal, carbon, DMLS, MJF, polyjet, resin, laser, SLS, and titanium printers can have a big effect on your company’s investment budget.

With a customized finance solution from Siemens Financial Services, such as a lease or rental agreement, the investment is transferred to your operating budget as a fixed monthly payment.

Industrializing additive manufacturing

Siemens is an active part in the process of industrializing additive manufacturing. Apart from financing, we also provide solutions that integrate product design, simulation and 3D printing. Siemens empowers you to create, make and use industrial additive manufacturing applications at scale.

We offer:

  • Consultancy services
  • Software for all stages of the additive manufacturing chain
  • Automation solutions for production plants

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Book a meeting with an additive manufacturing expert from Siemens at one of our six knowledge centres to get valuable insights on how you can utilize this new technology to the fullest in your production. Our centres are located in the US, Germany, Singapore and China.

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Revolutionizing manufacturing

Increase profitability with 3D printing

The use of 3D printing is expanding rapidly in all manufacturing industries. It is no longer just used for prototyping but has become the preferred production technology for many end-use parts. Products can be 3D printed in a wide range of materials – everything from polymers for sneaker soles to high-strength alloys used in jet engines. 3D printing eliminates many of the limitations associated with traditional manufacturing methods, allowing engineers to design products in new ways that increases performance and strength while reducing weight. This, in combination with the minimal production waste and short production times result in increased profitability and environmental sustainability.
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