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Healthcare Financing

At Siemens, we do more than just deliver the latest innovations in healthcare technology. We help organizations succeed in today’s healthcare environment through the provision of financial solutions. Our financing options enable healthcare organizations to make the investments required to raise the standard of care for thousands across the globe.    Our extensive healthcare industry expertise and deep understanding of healthcare assets are the foundations of our healthcare finance team. Our experts have a keen understanding of technology and its role in patient care, including medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and healthcare information technology — and we apply this to developing customized financial solutions.   Organizations around the world can rely on Siemens’ innovative financing concepts to meet the clinical, operational and financial challenges of a constantly shifting healthcare landscape.

Why Invest in Healthcare Today?

Digitize and Transform Care Delivery with Finance

As healthcare organizations across the globe continue to face financial pressures from new regulations, providers will look to modernize healthcare infrastructure, technology and services by adapting to today’s digital shift. The US healthcare sector requires some serious investments to enable this shift - this is where private funding can step in to help. Siemens Financial Services (SFS) is focused on the successful application of financing and how it can enable healthcare providers to accomplish their clinical and operational goals by embracing digitalization.


A digitalized healthcare system has many positive implications for the future, including: improving access to care, optimizing data management for diagnoses and enhancing data connectivity through digital information architecture. From equipment leasing to healthcare infrastructure – SFS is a market leader in financing the next generation of healthcare through digitalization. With 100 offices and 14,000 customers globally, we offer customized solutions that enable healthcare providers to:


- Acquire new technology and upgrade existing equipment affordably

- Expand geographic reach through merger and acquisition projects, such as building or expanding facilities

- Refinance existing debt

- Transform care delivery through new healthcare equipment

- Make use of a wide range of financing techniques to provide minimal project risk, such as leasing or pay-for-outcomes techniques 


Every day approximately 1,500,000 people in the United States benefit from medical care in which systems and solutions from Siemens are utilized. Private funding offers an attractive solution for hospitals and healthcare providers looking to adapt to today’s digital transformation and do so with minimal financial risk. 

How can finance enable the next generation of healthcare?

How is financing enabling improved standards in diagnostic imaging?

Whitepaper: Relieving the Pressure

Using private finance to unlock ‘frozen’ capital 

Access to advanced medical technology is a key factor that enables better patient outcomes and improved healthcare value. Pressure on budgets makes investment difficult. 'Relieving the pressure', the latest whitepaper from Siemens, examines  the role that private finance can play in enabling healthcare organizations to acquire advanced medical equipment and technology to improve patient care. The paper also provides an estimate of the capital currently ‘frozen’ in equipment purchase that could be freed for immediate and urgent operational priorities and healthcare transformation initiatives.

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Healthcare finance solutions in action

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