Investing in Tomorrow's Infrastructure

Digitalizing North American Cities . Improving mobility and energy efficiency through 'smart technologies' is key to modernizing our cities. Siemens combines engineering and financing expertise to advance critical infrastructure. 
The Need for Financing

Enabling Tomorrow's Infrastructure

According to the United Nations, 70 percent of the world's population will live in cities by 2050. To maintain economic growth rates, infrastructure investment must reach $49 trillion by 2039. Our future cities will be shaped by 'smart' technology, and financing will be the key to achieving this. 

Financing plays a vital role in facilitating infrastructure development around the world, especially in times of limited public funding or commercial budgets. However, when it comes to upgrading infrastructure or implementing new technologies, many policymakers and business owners are not fully aware of the financing possibilities that can help manage risks, reduce initial costs, or make complicated projects a reality.

At Siemens, we understand the complex decisions involved in advancing infrastructure to adapt to today's digital transformation.  By combining our technological knowledge and innovative financing expertise, we advise clients on infrastructure development from inception to execution.

Financing Transportation and Mobility

Shaping urban life through digital infrastructure

In some key commercial hubs, the commuting population is estimated to increase by over 40% by 2030. Mass transportation must be developed further to increase capacity, while improving energy efficiency. This is where private funding sources can step in to help.

The future of transportation will need to connect people and resources on an unprecedented scale. Private financing that is designed to manage project risks and fund technology life cycles, will be key to driving development and helping cities reach their economic and social goals.

Learn how organizations can reduce infrastructure investment risk through public-private partnerships here

Financing Building Infrastructure and Technology

Transforming buildings with financing

  With people spending about 90 percent of their lives indoors, there is no place where we spend more time in our life.  As a leader in the digital transformation, Siemens recognizes the need to analyze building data to continuously optimize our customers’ building performance. Financing is the enabler to creating real value for building operations by providing project flexibility.  

As the leading source of energy consumption - 41% globally for buildings - financing solutions can unlock huge energy saving potential in both consumption and cost. A good example of this is Siemens’ energy performance contracting solutions for building technologies. Performance contracting allows for infrastructure projects to be paid over long periods of time through the savings that are guaranteed by systems and technologies supplied in the initial agreement. These projects provide a guaranteed return on investment for customers and require little to no upfront capital investment.  With this approach, customers do not need to make any initial investment – they simply use the energy cost savings to pay for ongoing project installments.

Learn about our solutions in action by reading about our work with southern California's Carpinteria Valley Water District here.

Financing Energy Management

Improving Energy Resiliency

Making energy security and supply more reliable and cost effective

In times of risk, energy systems need to be resilient, and an emerging landscape for distributed energy systems will influence the future of accessibility. Digitalization will hold the key to mastering new challenges in energy management, such as a changing energy mix, the addition of generation capacity and technology upgrade requirements.

Many of these innovative projects require sizable investments with potentially long payback periods, making the energy transition challenging. Financal solutions will play a pivotal role in enabling the future of smart energy management.

Learn how Siemens is supporting infrastructure modernization and enabling energy management improvements for organizations here.

Financing Smart Cities

Digitalizing North American Infrastructure

The future of city infrastructure relies on the integration of digitalization. Technological collaboration and risk sharing between private and public entities will be key to developing smarter cities in an increasingly connected world.

Public sector budgets often lack the funds to establish smart city development, resulting in private sector funding as a solution. A global study by Siemens Financial Services estimates energy savings derived from private-sector funding for the top 40% of cities. This research also explores how the digitalization of infrastructure, results in the growth and development for the cities of tomorrow. 

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