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Unlocking the value of infrastructure investment

Financial services from Siemens combine in-depth industry know-how, financial expertise and extensive risk management experience to ensure that both communities and developers benefit from investment in critical energy and infrastructure projects. Equity and debt financing solutions, tailored to the specific needs of your next energy, healthcare, industrial or transportation infrastructure project, is available today.

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Solid financing from the ground up

When it comes to the complexities of building a power plant, on-shore or off-shore wind farm, transmission line, rail infrastructure project, or energy efficient hospital, airport terminal, or government building, there is no substitute for industry expertise, global financial experience, and international project development know-how. Being part of a global industrial company and leader in power generation, power distribution, oil & gas, healthcare, rail, baggage handling, and building technologies, Siemens understands the importance of properly-structured financing solutions in ensuring the success of your next project – long before construction starts and well into the first years of operation.

Successfully developing healthcare, energy, industrial, and transportation infrastructure on a global scale requires commitments from governments, communities, developers – and financial providers.

Siemens Financial Services acts as a project developer and committed equity investor. We provide the structure your project needs to excel in every phase, ensuring that you can meet your short and long-term financial goals. Our expertise helps you achieve a return on investment that allows you to focus on your core business and drive development of other initiatives forward.


Whatever your next project – facility development, upgrades, capital equipment – extensive global equity investment experience, tailored debt financing solutions, and decisive technical know-how from Siemens will help give it a solid foundation. With access to global capital markets coupled with the ability to reassure finance markets, even for first-of-their-kind projects, Siemens can help drive your project through to completion and beyond.

Securing the appropriate funding is crucial in the development of critical infrastructure projects

Our debt finance solutions can be tailored to meet your individual needs for projects in the public or private sector, anywhere in the world. Our industry expertise, and our ability to structure, underwrite and hold significant positions sets us apart. We can help you enhance your competitiveness and capitalize on growth opportunities.


From equity and mezzanine solutions to public-private partnerships, tailored project financing, asset-based lending, and construction and permanent facility financing, Siemens gives you the flexibility to lead, arrange or participate in projects according to your needs. Whether you are making an acquisition, seeking growth financing, developing new infrastructure, upgrading capital equipment, or managing debt, we provide competitive debt and equity financing solutions with both floating and fixed rate options, off-balance sheet and long-term payment options, covering a broad range of transaction volumes.


As our infrastructure - across energy, transportation, and healthcare - ages, project developers and sponsors, in the private and public sectors, increasingly need access to competitive financial solutions. 

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Financial solutions in action

Siemens combines the industry experience needed to understand your individual vision with the financial know-how required to bring it to life, anywhere in the world. Learn more about how financial solutions from Siemens can help your business today.